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Celebrities, Have the Grace to Fulfill Your Promises. by The Elephant's Child

Late night last night, fortunately I could sleep in. Then had to take the cat to the vet. The Left was quite positive that the first woman to be president would triumph, and obviously the whole thing was quite a shock. Celebrities, always eager to get their faces or persons before any available camera, did so. But just what is a celebrity? They are people who are famous because you might recognize their face or their name. They prefer to think that because they may or may not have some name recognition, that the world is interested in their political opinions—it isn’t. Unfortunately there are always some star-struck reporters around who are.

Before any election, some celebrities threaten to leave the country if a Republican is elected. Barbara Streisand, Whoopi and Cher are perennials, but they always weasel out. Cher threatened to move to Jupiter—more dramatic, but easier to gainsay. Miley Cyrus, whose fame results from being the example usually cited when someone speaks of the decay of society and examples of bad taste and no manners. Samuel L. Jackson is famous for being in every movie ever made. Other than that, there were some comedians I’ve never heard of, actors in dramas I have never seen. All are welcome to depart, they will not be missed, and if they would refrain from giving their political opinions publicly, it would be deeply appreciated. We really don’t care what you think.

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I’ve had the leisure today to read some of the reactions on the left – pretty predictable, for the most part (WORST CATASTROPHE EVER!!!). My favorite has to be Wonkette’s profanity-laced tirade. Brooke Burke said her 8-year-old son went “oh, no!” upon hearing Trump won (Here’s a hint: he’s 8. He knows what you’ve told him about Trump. I’d be surprised at any other reaction.).

Paul Krugman, an “economist” who writes for the New York Times, crowed about the markets crashing last night, but they seem to have recovered nicely by the end of trading today.

For myself, I read about how Trump is going to annihilate everything Obama has done over the past eight years (not seeing the problem, there). What a lot of them don’t mention is that Obama made overturning so much of his work extremely easy; the executive orders of one president can be reversed by the next. That pen and phone Obama says he has? As of 12:01pm, January 20, 2017, they belong to Trump.

I wish we had another candidate, but we didn’t. I hope that Trump will be a good president. I pray that he isn’t a bad one.


Comment by Lon Mead

I loved your comment yesterday about the bumper-sticker. Perfect! People seem to be missing just what is going on here. It was pretty common knowledge that Hillary was not liked, including among Democrats. Obama remains high in the polls, I suspect because he’s good looking, tall and fashionable, has a nice looking family, and speaks well in a good voice. We get glimpses of what people know, and not too many are familiar with just what Obama has accomplished and what the results will be. The people who do pay attention and do know precisely what he has done are those who voted enthusiastically for Trump. Lotta unfamiliarity with the Constitution there. I seem to remember Obama saying something like “If they bring a knife to the fight, you bring a gun” —yet that has been exactly what the rather thin-skinned Mr.Trump has done. And his running off at the mouth at those who criticized or insulted him gave a lot of Republicans the vapors. He didn’t seem to be a gentleman. And the Left didn’t understand what the fuss about the emails was all about. (Doesn’t everybody do it?) The crashing Dow last night was the Dow futures market, not the Dow, which reached a new all time high today. As the Chinese say “May you live in interesting times.” I’m sure they will be.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

You understand the Chinese mean that phrase as a curse, don’t you? 😉


Comment by Lon Mead

Of course. We’ll see. Riots all over by young people who cannot understand why we are tearing down our democracy, so they are burning flags as well, completely ignorant of the fact that this is not a democracy, but a republic, nor do they grasp what the difference is. Nor do they grasp that burning the flag to protest the peaceful transition of political parties is perhaps not quite the thing. I’m sure we can expect interesting times.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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