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The American Spirit by The Elephant's Child


Economist Steven Moore has an interesting article in The Washington Times:the-blue-state-depression.” The deep blue states where Hillary won her largest percentages are in an economic depression. California, Massachusetts, Vermont, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, Illinois, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Connecticut have lost residents and businesses over the last 10 years (2004-2014).  (excluding immigration) Nearly 2.75 million more Americans left California and New York than entered those states.

They are the loser states. They are all progressive. High taxes rates. High welfare benefits. Heavy regulation. Environmental extremism. Super minimum wages. Most outlaw energy drilling. The whole left-wing playbook is on display in the Hillary states. And people are leaving in droves. Day after day, they are being bled to death. So much for liberalism creating a worker’s paradise.

Now let’s look at the 10 states that had the largest percentage vote for Donald Trump. Everyone of them — Wyoming, West Virginia, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Dakota, and Idaho — was a net population gainer.

This is part and parcel of one of the greatest internal migration waves in American history as blue states especially in the northeast are getting clobbered by their low tax, smaller government rivals in the south, southeast and mountain regions.

The same pattern, Moore says, holds true for jobs. Why? Cost of living, record high taxes, forced union policies. They are going to states with low taxes, affordable living, lower crime and more jobs. Silicon Valley is booming, as are cities like Boston, and Manhattan but other areas of these states are deep pockets of poverty and wage stagnation. The red states also have about twice the job creation rates.

Americans have a long history of picking up and going somewhere where there is more freedom and more opportunity. That’s what the Pilgrims and the Puritans sought. Succeeding generations fought wars and  pushed on through the Appalachians and crossed the Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains. There was “Go west young Man,” and the California Gold Rush, and pushing railroads and telegraph wire across the great plains and across the mountains. That goes deep into the American spirit, and will not be denied. There are no safe spaces.

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