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The Electoral College Votes Donald Trump 45th President of the United States by The Elephant's Child

Sorry, Democrats—Donald Trump is the President-Elect. The Electoral College has voted, and your death threats, protests and total unfamiliarity with the Constitution have gone for naught. It got a little odd here and there, one woman in Wisconsin screamed at electors “You don’t Deserve to Be in America”, and “This is My America” as the Police dragged her out.

Here in Washington State, although Hillary Clinton won the state, 4 faithless electors voted 3 for Colin Powell and one for Faith Spotted Eagle. (?) The electoral College ended up 304 for Donald Trump and 227 for Hillary Clinton. Mr. Trump actually gained votes in Jill Stein’s recount. Hillary got the defectors. (numbers corrected)

Michael Barone, a long-time close observer of the political campaign business, said that this year the rules seemed to change. As technology is changing our lives in unexpected ways, it is also changing the political scene.

  1. Money doesn’t seem to matter so much. The Trump campaign spent somewhat more than half as much as the Hillary campaign, but won nearly half again as many electoral votes.
  2. TV spots don’t matter as much any more. A tweet gets more attention and a YouTube video gets more votes than a $10 million ad buy.
  3. Celebrities don’t matter. Lady Gaga and Beyonce did concerts for Hillary. Monmouth County NJ voted for Trump.
  4. Outrageous statements don’t matter. Voters were looking for change.
  5. Polling and big data don’t automatically advise the right moves.
  6. Understanding how the opposition thinks is enormously important. The Trump campaign got Hillary, but the reverse was not true. Hillary’s campaign people blamed their defeat on racism, Comey and the Russians.


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I thought that was hilarious; all this time spent threatening, er, trying to persuade electors to change their vote, and TWICE AS MANY changed their votes from Clinton than did for Trump.

I actually look forward to more episodes of Democrats shooting themselves in the foot in the coming weeks.


Comment by Lon Mead

Oh, and the significance of Monmouth County, NJ, is that is where Bruce Springsteen lives.


Comment by Lon Mead

Yes, I figured that out. Schadenfreude, is, I believe what we are enjoying. It seems to be exceedingly hard for the Left to face reality. Excellent and interesting article at the Weekly Standard. “The Liberal Ideological Complex”. I keep looking for someone to really explain to me what percentage of the Democrat party are truly ideologues, and what percentage are just Dems. because their parents were, or because their dad was in a union, or because their friends are and they don’t have any understanding of what they are voting for. I get the ideologues—but I don’t think they all are. My hairdresser said that she doesn’t pay much attention because she finds it all too scary. (?)


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Once upon a time perhaps as few as 100 people decided & filtered all the news we’d ever hear (except for local gossip). Then along came the internet and those 100 people and their filtered distorted biased news outlets just became another voice along side the millions on the internet.

Once those ~100 people could tell us that “public opinion” was . Now we only need go onto the the internet to find the real public and find that their views are not the views of that ~100


Comment by Scottish Sceptic

I don’t think we fully understand as yet, the immense changes to our society because of the internet and the changes in knowledge and lack of understanding and changed ideas and vocabulary. The New York Times just announced that they were going to rent out the top 8 floors of their building to bring in excellent rental income. My Dad subscribed to Time, Life and Fortune, The Saturday Evening Post, Readers Digest and National Geographic when I was a kid. I subscribe to the Claremont Review of Books, and the Wall Street Journal online. I see magazines in the Dr.’s office and the vet’s and the Dentists and even the Auto Repair shop, and the Beauty Shop, But I don’t think I know anyone that subscribes to magazines.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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