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I Could Almost Feel Sorry For Them. Almost, But I Don’t. by The Elephant's Child

article-2548628-1b12dcf800000578-568_964x632The whole world must seem like it is falling into chaos for the Progressives. They lost the election they were so confident they would win. They keep claiming that Hillary won the popular vote, but that’s not how we count elections in America. The abhorrent Donald Trump, now President of the United States, is hiring a superb cabinet and getting them approved. He has ordered a go-ahead on the Keystone XL Pipeline and noxious oil will be flowing south to refineries in the Gulf, and not only that, he has okayed the Dakota Access pipeline. Since it is not on tribal lands, except in memory of ancient times, does not risk oil despoiling the Missouri River or the tribal water supply, the protesters will have to find another venue.

But just wait till the progressives find out the details of their massive global warming fraud. Obama wanted to look good for the Paris climate talks, and the fraud is exposed. Cheaters never prosper. I Could Almost Feel Sorry For Them.

Dr. John Bates, a former high level NOAA scientist, set off a furor by revealing that a recent NOAA paper, which claimed global warming hadn’t “paused” during the past 20 years, was fraudulent. The paper was timed to undergird Obama’s signing of the hugely expensive Paris climate agreement.

This is only a tiny fraction of the climate fraud.

Fortunately, high-tech research has finally sorted out the “mystery factor” in our recent climate changes—and it’s mostly not CO2.  Even redoubling carbon dioxide, by itself, would raise earth’s temperature only 1.1 degree.  That’s significant, but not dangerous.

CERN, the world’s top particle physics laboratory, just found that our big, abrupt climate changes are produced by variations in the sun’s activity.  That’s the same sun the modelers had dismissed as “unchanging.”  CERN says the sun’s variations interact with cosmic rays to create more or fewer of earth’s heat-shielding clouds.  The IPCC had long admitted it couldn’t model clouds–and now the CERN experiment says the clouds are the earth’s thermostats!

Do read the whole thing, a good explanation of how the climate modellers went astray, and it will give you enough information to take on any Progressive who is sure the construction of the pipelines are the destruction of the earthly climate as we know it. And they finally got the noxious mess the protesters left behind to despoil the planet cleaned up.

I’m enjoying it all thoroughly.

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I, on the other hand, can’t feel especially sorry for them. They equated “science” with a popularity contest (“97% of scientists!”), while calling those that disagreed with them “deniers”. They claimed research that conflicted with their findings was suspect, “bought and paid for” by Big Oil and Big Coal, all the while ignoring the fact that there was more money to be had if one supported the global warming “theory”. It became a religion, having nothing to do with scientific rigor, despite all of the evidence that what they believed was not correct.

In addition, when you take a look at what is usually left behind from their attempts to save the environment, it’s hard to take them seriously, or even believe that they understand what they’re doing at all. Consider the mess left behind from the protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Trash, abandoned vehicles (many leaking oil and other fluids), bodily waste, all in danger of contaminating the very watershed the protesters claimed to be concerned about. The State of North Dakota is spending a couple million dollars to clean up what was left behind from a protest over something that had essentially been finished, awaiting only the final go ahead.

So, no, I have little sympathy for a group of people who chose to believe in a fraud even after it was shown to be a fraud, and who chose to believe it simply to belong to a group, to feel superior to those who didn’t think the way they do.

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