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The Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Is Over — Their Disgusting Mess Left For Others to Clean Up. by The Elephant's Child


It takes a fair amount of garbage to fill 240 rollout dumpsters, and the protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota left a mess. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will spend more than $1 million to clean up the debris left by protesters who succeeded in temporarily shutting down the construction of the pipeline under orders from President Barack Obama. We apparently cannot bill President Obama, and the taxpayers will once again have to pay for the cleanup. They left behind not only their old food supplies, but tents, teepees, building materials, personal belongings, human waste and even trucks and motor homes. They also left behind their pets—dogs and puppies—but animal rescue agencies have stepped in for those.

It was all so pointless. The light, sweet crude oil is being transported from the Bakken/Three Forks production area in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. The state of the art 30 inch underground 1,172-mile pipeline will eliminate 500-740 rail cars and/or over 250 trucks needed to transport the oil every day.  99.98% of the pipeline is installed on privately owned property in North Dakota,South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois. The remaining 0.02% is owned by the federal government. None is owned by the Standing Rock Sioux. It runs 5′ under the Missouri River next to an existing pipeline. The pipeline  has created 12,000 construction jobs during building.

The Standing Rock Sioux wanted publicity and to call attention to their gripe about historical loss of their lands, and environmentalists who regard oil as particularly evil, and publicity-seeking film people flocked to the site to get media attention. Once winter set in, they pretty much lost interest, and there you are—another million dollar bill for the taxpayers— from people too lazy to clean up after themselves.

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What I heard is that the protesters are paid by those who thought the pipeline would be going through their areas, and protested to bring the cost up– and then the guys doing the pipeline went “oh, holy crud, sacred lands?!?! I’m TOTALLY going to avoid that!!” and re-routed the entire pipeline.

And then they sent the protesters to punish the folks who evaded their blackmail.


Comment by Foxfier

The government went to extraordinary effort to make sure that no sacred land to any Indian tribe was involved and re-routed the pipeline accordingly. Something like 30 or 50 tribes were consulted, I don’t remember the number, but it was surprisingly large. One of the reasons why when you start talking about infrastructure to supply jobs the proponents often do not understand the inevitable protesters, usually environmental, and the time and effort involved.

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Comment by The Elephant's Child

Hypocrites and lyin scum. They protest to allegedly protect the environment from the “false” dangers of the pipeline yet they are the ones destroying the environment with their cesspool camps and disgusting lifestyle. Who can live like that? Where were these disgusting pigs raised? Personally I think they’re all idiots who can’t get a job and are looking to live free on public lands, under the guise of protest.


Comment by legalannie

[…] protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline ended back at the end of February, with 240 rollout dumpsters to carry away the mess the protesters left behind. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers planned on […]


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