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It Is Surpassingly Important that Lefties Feel Good About Themselves! by The Elephant's Child

Popular “virtue-signalling” sign. Completely irrational.

A new report from the Ohio Jobs and Justice Political Action Committee says that sanctuary cities are growing and 36 new locales have been added to the list of nearly 500 sanctuary cities. The group has been tracking sanctuary cities for over 10 years. This doesn’t seem  to be anything  that appears on a ballot, but rather the machinations of city councils—what they  are now calling “virtue-signalling” — or “see what a good person I am.”

What I don’t get is why anyone would assume that being a “Sanctuary City” in direct defiance of federal laws is a good thing, nor why protecting illegal aliens is to be considered admirable.  We have immigration laws. If you want to come to the United States to visit, to work, or to live and/or become a citizen, there are rules to protect both the immigrant and the American people.

Sanctuary Cities announce that because they want to be perceived as good people, they want to ignore the rules and regulations and let those who refuse to follow the law be protected from arrest or detention, no matter what they have done or plan to do. Is that stating it baldly enough? Why would you want to protect people, who have already demonstrated that they have no respect for the law— instead of your own citizens?

The Left likes to play with words, in this case attempting to confuse people’s perception of the difference between an illegal alien, an immigrant, a refugee, an H1B worker, and someone here on a visitor’s visa who has illegally overstayed. 

The same thing is being played out in President Trump’s Executive Order halting immigration from 7 countries selected by the Obama administration for 90 days until vetting procedures can be developed to cope with the absence of official sources in those countries to identify the would-be immigrants. This is not a ban on Muslim immigrants—there are far more Muslims in other countries who are not being banned at all.

These are countries where ISIS and alQaeda are prominent and who have announced that they are sending their fighters into our country to kill Americans. Seventy-two terrorists from these countries have been convicted in our courts.

More than 1800 refugees from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen have been resettled in this country in the period since a federal court judge  suspended key parts of an executive order dated Jan. 27 from these 7 nations. Unvetted. But they are refugeeeees! Maybe, maybe not. We can help far more actual refugees if we help them in areas near to their homes simply because it costs a lot more to resettle them here. As usual, what is most important to members of the Left is “a matter of their very flattering vision of themselves as people trying to save the planet, rescue the exploited and create social justice” for all.

President Trump has rewritten his Executive Order, which was due to take effect but a Hawaii judge has issued the same sort of illegal halt that a Seattle District judge issued earlier. In this case it is really astonishing. The Hawaii District Judge said that he didn’t need to read the order, but that because Trump had spoken unfavorably about Muslims during the campaign, clearly he had animus against Muslims. He also included the objections of a local Muslim of Egyptian descent  who felt that he was discriminated against in spite of the fact that there was nothing in the Order that affected him in any way. Whew! The Constitution is absolutely clear that the President of the United States can exclude anyone he wants to from entering the United States. The Hawaii ruling will go to the Ninth Circuit which gets overruled constantly because they are so far left.

This is once again the Left, who are furious that Donald Trump won the election, furious that they have been decimated at every level of government, and so devoid of a “bench” that they are reduced to touting Chelsea Clinton, Al Franken and Senator Cherokee Cheekbones as potential candidates.

Democrats know they are in trouble, and have declared total war, and to heck with the Constitution. They are trying to use refugees and illegals to change the demographics of voting districts in a way more friendly to the Left. Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder plan to file lawsuits across the country in districts where lines have been redrawn, or ‘gerrymandered’ by Republicans, to find cause to flip them in a way more favorable to Democrats.

The idea that you can simply reject the results of an election because you don’t like the winning candidate is completely antithetical to American Law and American tradition. It is not a small matter, and should be taken seriously as an attack on the nation by those who do not care about American Law and American tradition.

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I’m confused and clearly don’t understand why Trump is taking the tact he is. It seems this is more for making liberals froth at the mouth than actually accomplishing something concrete. Making the froth at the mouth is emotionally satifisfying, it is not productive in achieving the goal.

Why bother with the EO when he could simply direct Tillerson to slow walk ALL Visa requests by insisting that EVERY person who applies for a non tourist Visa (work or student) to come to the US be considered on an individual basis, first come first serve insisting that EVERYONE be screened via a check list? Yes, colleges and tech companies will scream from a cut in their money making schemes, so what?

Over half of all illegals in the US are here on Visa overstays. So why add more at existing rates? What’s so hard about forcing consular officials who are supposed to process Visas to check Facebook and other social media sites for extremist views and connections? Virtually every person involved in some Jahidist act is posting on Social Media… It seems to me that treating every foreigner as a potential enemy until proven otherwise would greatly lower the numbers of people coming here and in turn lower the numbers overstaying illegally and causing us problems. A backlog in Visa applications is NOT a bad thing, it should be considered an indicator of a deliberative process that doesn’t rubber stamp an application.

While the Law allows for H1B and H2B Visas, is there no discretion by the State Department to curtail that number on an annual basis and deny employer sponsorship like Disney?


Comment by dscott

An Executive Order is official and has the force of law. In general, if the President wants to change an existing law, he has to go to Congress and ask them to pass it. It has to be passed by both houses and signed by the President. But he gets to make Executive Orders for simple immediate things. And no, there is no discretion by the State Department, nor can he have his Cabinet and agencies do stuff because he wants them to. There are also some lesser kinds of orders that are more questionable. His Executive Order has the force of law, the Washington State District Federal Judge was way out of line. (Our Gov.Jay Inslee noticed that Democrats have no bench and wanted to remind them that here he is and he’s eligible so he filed a lawsuit on the basis that it was a Muslim ban and Freedom of Religion) The E.O. is NOT a Muslim Ban, for far more Moslems live in countries unaffected by the EO, but the Judge tried to squeeze in things Trump had said during the campaign which has nothing to do with anything. Once the WA Judge issued a stay, it had to go to the (Ultra Lefty) Ninth Circuit (most overturned Circuit in history) which with only the fewest number affirmed the stay, which meant it had to go to the Supreme Court. Trumps lawyers thought he should just rewrite it to clarify that it was clearly not a Muslim Ban. WA State Judge refused to stay this one. Went to Hawaii Judge (Obama flew to Hawaii by himself for 2 days. Coincidence?) Who issued a stay on basis of things Trump had said about Muslims during the campaign. (Illegal. He has to consider only the wording of the EO itself, anything he said elsewhere is totally superfluous.) Will go the Lefty Ninth Circuit.

You have lots of interesting ideas, but agencies and Cabinet members don’t get to make law either. They can issue regulations, but those regulations must conform to the law. Consult Article II Section 2. Even completely illegal Stays have to go through the same process — Ninth Circuit, though the president can, I think, demand that the whole court (not just a few judges) vote. If they uphold the stay, it has to go to the Supreme Court, and Democrats will be trying to slow down the approval of Neil Gorsuch as much as they can. Since the Bar Association has given him the highest approval ranking they can, that will give the Dems some trouble slowing things, but they are engaged in all out war. I think this is all correct, but I’m not a lawyer. There are a number of very good legal blogs, and the Judge who writes at National Review is excellent.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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