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Where is the Left Going And What Do They Want? by The Elephant's Child

I ran across my notes from a panel discussion on where the Left is going, back in the fall of 2014, and it’s still of interest.

“The left is intellectually dead, and where it is headed toward is authoritarianism.”That was Kevin Williamson, roving correspondent for National Review.

William Voegeli of the Claremont Review of Books argued that “The fundamental assumption of the left is the innate goodness of each person.  This assumption means that they are seeking to undermine the Constitution, which is based on a very different view of human nature. The Constitution pits the different branches of government against each other so that each will keep the others in check.”

As James Madison put it in the Federalist, “Ambition must be made to counteract ambition,” and the Constitution supplies the “defect of better motives” through such balancing.

The Constitution, in other words, expects selfish ambition, and by expecting ambition, Voegeli noted, it legitimizes it—which is precisely what the left does not want to do. The left wants to supply not the “defect of better motives” but rather just “better motives,” Voegeli said. Liberals want to set up a system that allows our latent goodness to “flourish,” and the checks of our constitutional system can be discarded in favor of technocratic, centralized disinterestedness that allows each individual to live an authentic life of his choosing.

“The object is not to have one’s own way so much as to have a way that is one’s own,”

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The left was never alive. Liberalism is not an ideology. The Democrat Party, i.e. their liberal supporters, have only one purpose: Sell the masses on an idea, an idea created to support the moneyed interests who seek to use government interference (laws, rules and regulations) to pad their profit margins.

Let’s take an example: Planned Parenthood and abortion. Planned Parenthood generates around $1 billion in revenue a year as long as abortion is legal. This doesn’t count the money made from selling of tissue (body parts) to medical research companies. Planned Parenthood (Sangerites) and their supporters created a series of talking points to win over a portion of the public. The Democrat Party was bought and paid for their support by Planned Parenthood and their supporters to protect that income stream. In fact, they passed laws to force the government to pay for abortions indirectly by funding Planned Parenthood for woman’s health issues which cough, cough virtually all comprise of convincing women to have abortions. Abortion on demand is the talking point to support an economic activity, couched in fake/contrived moralistic terms.

Virtually, every issue the Democrats support is a liberal rationalization and protection of a profit making enterprise.


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