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The Comey Affair And the Fallout by The Elephant's Child

An interesting Tuesday. The White House announced that FBI Director Comey had been asked to step down, and would be replaced. Well, an explosion of he said, she said, and what it all meant. Senator Charles Schumer always right on top of things pontificated that this was a disaster for the Trump administration, as it made clear that the White House was deeply worried about what the FBI investigation of the Trump connections to Russia and Russian influence, and Russian interference in our election, and Russian spying, all of which was clearly an attempt to cover up deep very dark secrets and we needed an independent prosecutor right now. He was very positive about the whole thing, and hopefully setting the tone for the future.

Unfortunately, most of us can remember as far back as day before yesterday, when Schumer and associates were demanding that President Trump fire FBI Director James Comey for his interference in the election and spoiling the election and keeping Hillary from winning. It’s also funny how this older generation of Progressives keep forgetting that there’s You Tube to capture a video of everything said and who said it and when, and if in doubt, you can call it all up on your computer. It’s a whole new world and really hard for politicians who just aren’t used to being recorded for all posterity.

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What does concern over the POTUS firing the director of the FBI mid-investigation have to do with democrats at one point calling for his dismissal? And, for fun, remember that Comey’s “interference with the election” was something that plenty of republicans supported (don’t forget, Youtube has a long memory).


Comment by Flamingeagle

Up to the moment that President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, Democrats were demanding that Comey be fired. Once he was fired, Democrats flipped to the firing must be investigated, we need a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of the firing, and it’s all obviously a big Russian Scandal. Comey’s “interference with the election” was Hillary’s excuse for not winning the election, when it was quite clear that she lost with a pathetically bad campaign, being unlikable, being a compulsive liar, and having no accomplishments whatsoever. Republicans did not want to interfere with the election, but Hillary had violated the law, exposed State Department secret communications to anyone who cared to look at her home-based server, as most foreign nations did. There are a lot of people in prison for exposing far fewer and far less important state secrets. No one should above the law.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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