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The Civil War: Revisited by The Elephant's Child

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Interesting, but a half truth, Lincoln himself acknowledged repeatedly that saving the Union was the primary issue of the war on the Union’s part. We all would like that our history was made on pure motives, it wasn’t, the Constitution contained a promise to make the Union MORE perfect and the mechanism to make it so, i.e. it wasn’t perfect to begin with but we are working on it, it is to this day a work in progress.

We all can cherry pick the words of Lincoln to deny our collective sins, but the fact remains if you asked the average Union recruit why he was fighting the war, it was NOT slavery. NOT at the beginning, just like Lincoln. This being the case, the war would never have carried on if it were billed that way to the public of the North at that time. I would dare say, that to them the entire idea of them dying to end slavery would have been repellent, because contrary to what the video implied, the attitudes of those who lived in the North and Lincoln himself were not much unlike those who lived in the South regarding racism toward Black people. All of the country shared in the sin of a racism even Lincoln himself. In fact, if a person with Lincoln’s view of the race relations were publicly espoused those views they would be rightfully condemned.

I do not excuse the South for Slavery, it is a repugnant act, however, you can not condemn everyone of the South for a practice that the North itself condoned when it formed the Union with the South. In the Constitution, slaves were counted as 3/5ths for the purposes of determining the House of Representatives. Who insisted upon 3/5ths? The South or the North? The NORTH, as counting the slave as a whole person would give the South a larger share of control of the House. So no one in the North can claim innocence.

However, we should clearly recognize how the Democrat Party sold the idea for succession from the Union was based on “rights”, in this case property rights as determined by the Dred Scott decision. (That btw was a Party Line vote, 7 Democrats to 2 Republicans.)

We should also recognize the Democrat Party operates the same way it did since its founding, moneyed interests determine the platform of the Party, the politician spins the interest in such a manner that the public will support it. From whom did the majority of campaign funds come from? The rich. Who were the rich in the South? The Slave Owners. The Civil War was described as a “rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight”. Why? Claiming that the average Southerner was fighting and willing to die to keep Blacks in chains is ludicrous on its face any more than the average Northern was willing to die to free them because they regrettably both viewed the Black person with contempt. Shameful but true.

This video IMO does a great disservice to the American people as it distracts from the real reasons for the Civil War: The greed of the moneyed interests, the slave owners who bought and paid for the Democrat Party politicians. In other words, the white wash of a corrupt Democrat Party.

Here is the rebuttal to this video, it doesn’t mention my take but useful none the less:

This same hateful deception is occurring now with illegal immigration for the moneyed interests who bought the Democrat Party, lock, stock and barrel so they can have cheap labor JUST LIKE BEFORE WITH SLAVERY.

In the interest of disclosure, I was NOT born in the South, I am however, fed up with the lies that cover up for a corrupt political party that shed its evil onto an entire population to escape accountability. The Democrat Party represents everything that is wrong with politics and politicians. Given the 10s of millions of children who were aborted which they whole heartedly support (citing women’s rights for a billion dollar a year Planned Parenthood) and the hundreds of thousands of people who died in Syria from Obama’s involvement (and whom did they blame: Climate Change), the Democrat Party is more deadly and criminal in its acts than the Mafia, and that is really an eye opener to see that comparison.

I would also remind everyone that 6 Native Indian Nations (Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, Catawba, and Creek) allied themselves with the South to free themselves from the rule of the North (the Federal Government). Did the Native Americans fight for slavery??? NO…


Comment by dscott

I lost two Great Great Uncles on each side of the Civil War. The North had moved to a manufacturing economy, but the Southern economy was dependent on cotton, and cotton production depended on slaves. College kids today apparently think that America was the only place where there was slavery. To the contrary, slavery existed all over the world, and was so common no one thought much about it. The slave trade went far more to the sugar islands of the Caribbean and to South America than this country. Most American Indian tribes practiced slavery, and the Haida used to come south to the Washington Coast to capture slaves from the tribes here. Three of my Southern family fought, only one survived. The family did not own slaves, but believed that the North was trying to decimate the South. Remember the battle over the border states and where the line would be drawn. Another branch of my Southern family went to Ohio in the very early 1800s and their church was a station on the underground railroad. The North responded to Southern secession and for them the issue was holding the Union together, but the underlying issue was slavery which caused the South to secede.

Many assume that we are the worst of all because we had slavery, but that’s only because we are an open society and hang all our faults out on the clothesline for all to see and judge. No other nation talks about their history of slavery, nor do the nations that still practice it ever mention it.
Yes, of course Lincoln intended to prevent the secession of the South, but slavery was the underlying cause.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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