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Trump’s Lean Payroll Could Save Taxpayers Millions by The Elephant's Child
July 5, 2017, 9:39 pm
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In the face of cries of anguish from CNN, and the ongoing search for something, anything, reprehensible from Russian interference, Congress is wrestling with health care, reducing taxes and apparently getting nowhere rapidly, Donald Trump is quietly working at draining the swamp, just as he promised. The White House payroll is leaner. President Trump could save taxpayers as much as $22 million from a leaner White House payroll, according to Forbes magazine.

The Trump administration released its annual report to Congress detailing the names, statuses and salaries of 377 employees. Those findings suggest the Trump administration employs 100 fewer staff members than Obama, and would yield $5.1 million in payroll savings compared to Obama’s 2015 staff. First lady Melania Trump’s office has five staffers compared with the 24 staffers who served Michelle Obama in her first year in 2009.

Forbes found that Trump has not hired “czars” — people who lead special initiatives. Obama had dozens of Czars in such roles most making around or more than $100,000 a year.

Two of Trump’s top advisers, Gary Cohn and Christopher Liddell, are paid reduced salaries of $30,000, the lowest salaries among all White House staff.

Cohn is the director of the White House National Economic Council and formerly served as the president of Goldman Sachs. Liddell, who serves as the director of strategic initiatives in the White House, also formerly served as Microsoft’s chief financial officer.

Trump repeatedly vowed on the campaign trail to shrink the government.

Trump also said he’ll donate his annual salary to the Department of the Interior so that it could work on repairs and other needs at military cemeteries.



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