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More in the Lighten-Up Vein: You’re Making Fools of Yourselves, Lefties by The Elephant's Child

Again, the Left is frothing at the mouth, not at the stupid groups looking for an opportunity to do battle of some kind, but at Donald Trump who didn’t condemn them strongly enough, or soon enough, or in the right words, and can we impeach him for that? The Right, exhausted with the wretched excess, finds the Left funny.

People actually on the right side of the political spectrum don’t include white supremacists, nor neo-Nazis, nor anti-Israel violence in their group at all. Never have. History is a little more complicated than that. The Confederate statues that the historical revisionists are trying to tear down were erected during the Woodrow Wilson administration. Wilson was a prejudiced bigot, a Democrat, and praised the KKK from the White House. The attempt to change history by eliminating statues or changing names of buildings or monuments or programs will not change history, but then most people have no idea who or what the statues are, what they represent, nor any idea who the buildings were named for, anyway.The most current idea is to remove the name Lynch, a common surname, from buildings, street names, parks, and any where because once upon a time blacks were lynched. Just how they are going to get everyone in the Lynch family to cooperate is a question. They can check with Loretta.

Our schools should have been teaching some real history and some real constitutional law, and some geography instead of “social” justice— which does not exist. There is no such thing as “social” justice. Justice involves the United States Constitution, the courts, and the laws and regulations passed by our governing entities.

The Democratic Party has adopted the idea of “social” justice in which everyone can be a victim. They will “save” the victims by giving them other people’s money, which will make them dependent on the government, so they will vote for Democrats again and again to keep the other people’s money coming. History, with which they are unfamiliar, shows that sooner or later they run out of other people’s money. Margaret Thatcher famously said that, but that’s a bit of history too.

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How come your Twitter account was suspended?


Comment by alkidya

That is a very good question! I dont know for sure, and they won’t tell me. They just send the same form response. Paraphrasing: Your account has been suspended, it was found to be in violation of the rules, particularly regarding targeted attacks. Your account will not be reinstated.

Or something very close to that. I am pretty sure it is because I engaged in wrongthink. They have set up a “truth and safety” squad or some similar Orwellian named group with a bunch of radical leftists on it to police twitter for wrongthink. I am still trying to appeal the decision, but I fear they may seriously have banned that account forever. I dunno if I will be able to get back on or not. Im trying hard, but all I get are form responses. I am still available on a parody account from the election, @HillarityPress that I never really used. You can follow me there until I get this sorted out. I suppose I need to be careful on that account now, because from what I understand they probably identified my IP address & are following it. I wish I knew more about how all this stuff works.

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Comment by American Elephant

Been following this silliness about Trump’s comments on the events in Charlottesville. So, we had one group of people who were looking for a fight, and another group of people who were looking for a fight, and because the Charlottesville Police Department for some reason forgot how to do their job. the two groups got together and did the one thing they were both interested in doing. A young woman lost her life (apparently not a part of either group, just a local in the wrong place). A tragedy and general unpleasantness all the way around.

Trump delivered on Saturday what I thought was a very intelligent and pointed condemnation of all of the violence that happened. Not enough for the tantrum throwers on the left (who have been throwing tantrums, rocks, bricks, bottles, bombs, etc., etc,… for decades now). So Trump did what they wanted, and condemned the Unite the Right racist morons by name, just like the left wanted. Apparently also not enough (too little too late, according to one crybaby). So Trump decided to hell with it, and went back to condemning the violence on all sides (as he should). And the left is losing their minds.

Two points: 1) this is going to be another one of those things that will be “the worst thing Trump has ever done”, and will be the worst thing ever… until the next thing.
2) If a child throws a tantrum until he gets what he wants, and you give them what they want, and they still throw a tantrum, very soon you stop wasting time with them. The left is going to keep on with this stupidity, and then wonder why Trump and other conservatives no longer acknowledge or accommodate them.


Comment by Lon Mead

Thanks for the excellent comment, Lon. Just got back from a long day in Seattle, which I try to avoid as much as possible. Two or is it 3 of the members of Trump’s business advisory group resigned because he wasn’t forceful enough in his opposition to racism. Oh please! And regarding the destruction of anything related to the Civil War, several have asked if they are going after Washington and Jefferson net?


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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