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Just Stop All These Unfounded Allegations by The Elephant's Child

Back around the 25th of January, CNN reported that “President Donald Trump could sign an executive order or presidential memorandum initiating an investigation as soon as Thursday. …The investigation would be carried out through the Department of Justice. The move would expand on Trump’s interest in the unproven claims he has made since November’s election alleging millions of illegal votes were cast, without citing any evidence.”

Time magazine reported in July that “President Trump repeated his unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud Wednesday, and suggested that states not cooperating with his election integrity commission because of their own laws may be somehow involved in untoward electoral behavior.” There are many similar articles that quickly turn up on a search engine.

It’s been a few months, but American Thinker reported today that in Chicago, there were 14,000 more votes in the 2016 election than there were voters. Goodness. Earlier Investors reported that there were 3.5 million more registered voters than there were adults in the U.S.

The Government Accountability Office reported 8,471 cases of double voting, in 21 states, that is, the same person voting more than once.

Rhode Island learned that 20% of their registered voters do not live in the state. That’s 150,000. The Secretary of State in Rhode Island  said “It’s not really fraud —just inaccuracies.”

Well, yes.

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Which is why Senator Schumer wants the voting commission disbanded. IF Trump is successful in forcing the States and Big Cities to clean up the election rolls it would prevent Democrats from winning most elections. Even the Bernie supporters recognize the Democrat Party is wholly corrupt by their leaders own admission in court over the rigging of the Democrat Primary process. The Party leaders openly argued in court that the voting in primaries does not guarantee or represent the outcome.

IF the Democrat leadership are willing to select candidates (Clinton over Sanders) and then put on an exciting pageant to generate enthusiasm for the Party members to give the appearance of them selecting the nominee for their party, then the same logic and attitude applies to the election process.

Democrat leaders have clearly demonstrated that they view any election process as merely window dressing (a pretense) for their choices. What they should have done was have a publicly announced date of the meeting of their leaders, vote on the nominee and then tell their members whom the Party is putting forth to lead the Party. It would be honest and quite frankly most Democrat rank and file would blindly follow. That’s just the reality of their members because they are sheep. We know every talking point is created by the Party leadership and the members parrot the talking point(s) as the demonstration of their inclusion in the Party. There isn’t any debate of ideas going on over there just virtue signalling of their devotion to the faith.


Comment by dscott

Another sue and settle effort:


Bill Clinton’s Motor-Voter law has made massive voter fraud possible.


Comment by dscott

Democrat Election Official Admits Noncitizens And Felons Are Voting In Florida

How do we know there is an issue? When there are more registered voters than eligible ones. This is a consistent event in virtually EVERY Democrat run city.


Comment by dscott

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