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The Perils of Hurricane Harvey by The Elephant's Child

The images from Houston are tragic. Expensive new neighborhoods of lovely two-story homes, and the entire first floor is underwater. The picture of a shark swimming in Houston’s streets is  a hoax, but they do have alligators there, though not roaming the streets. The Cajun flotilla is out rescuing people, and some sub-human types are attempting to loot vacated homes and businesses. It’s an extraordinary flood, and it’s going to take a long time to clean up the mess.

The flood is not caused by “climate change”, though a long list of organizations trying to promote the idea of disastrous climate change want you to believe that. This is the sort of thing that they use for fund-raising. It is an extraordinarily bad flood, but big floods happen from time to time.  The Gulf Coast has had a significant respite from big hurricanes. It has been a respite of nine years, setting a new record. It might be a good idea for FEMA to offer classes for mayors and city officials in areas subject to this kind of storm on how and when to evacuate and how to manage rescue efforts. We’ve had some problems over the years with mayors who make things worse.

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