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Does A Nation Have A Right To Decide Who They Will Admit as Immigrants? by The Elephant's Child

Oh my, Hollywood has erupted in fury. President Trump is ending the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), an illegal program created by executive action by former president Barack Obama, in defiance of the United States Immigration Laws. Former president Obama has remained in Washington DC ostensibly to let their younger daughter finish school at Sidwell Friends, but clearly he wants to remain active in politics.

One of the most contentious subjects arises with immigration. Democrats believe that a larger percentage of immigrants will vote for Democrat candidates, so they are anxious to increase immigration to help them to control America. Many line up with George Soros’ Open Borders position. You have undoubtedly noticed that Democrats violently oppose a border wall, refuse to call illegal aliens ‘illegal’ and have worked to change the nomenclature to “undocumented immigrants.” Changing the language is a long time leftist tactic.

Obama had asked Congress to create a law allowing “childhood arrivals” to remain in the country. Congress refused. So in June 2012, Obama issued an executive order — overriding Congress —because he disagreed with the Congressional decision. The youngest “children” who were included in the program at age 15, are now 20. They are not children, but adults, and unvetted adults as well.  2,139 DACA recipients have already been convicted or accused of crimes against Americans. Obama issued an 800 word statement  high on emotion, low on common sense, suggesting that these are our “best and brightest”  because “they want to start new businesses, staff our lavs, serve in our military and otherwise contribute to the country we love.” As usual from Obama — flowery words with no facts whatsoever  behind them.  Angela Merkel opened the borders of Europe with a welcome to “refugees“.

Germany is making trouble again. This time it is not sending young men in uniform swarming across its borders to conquer Europe. Instead, it is using its position of economic dominance to cause young Muslim men from outside Europe to swarm across Europe’s borders. In World War II, Germany’s conquest of Europe and subsequent defeat left the continent in ruins. This time, however, Germany’s actions seem designed to bring about Europe’s destruction by inviting conquest rather than by initiating it.

Nations have a right to decide about immigrants. They have a duty to protect their workers and their citizens. So if we have to be nice to this crop of young illegal aliens, what about the next ones? We have something like 4.4 million people across the world who have applied legally to immigrate to America and become citizens. They are waiting patiently on a wait list. What about them? Every “amnesty” we allow suggests that those wanting in should just hang on a bit and we’ll do amnesty again.

Immigration is complicated, and our immigration program badly needs to be overhauled. Silicon Valley imports foreign workers because they can be paid less and more easily controlled. The American people favor a border wall, because walls work to keep illegal aliens out, if imperfectly. Building a wall does not mean prejudice against immigrants or foreign workers. Most Americans are happy to welcome people from other nations, but they want them to come legally, according to American law. “Sanctuary Cities” while pretending to be ‘nice’ turn out to be magnets for illegals, gangs, drug dealers and sex traffickers as well as potential terrorists.


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I find myself amused at the idea that Barack H. Obama should ever be considered the arbiter of “the best” and “the brightest” after you consider the competency of the people in his administration:

Vice-President Joe Biden – an original 40-watt bulb in a 100-watt fixture, plagiarized British politician Neill McKinnock’s biography for his own (and that is far from the only incident of Biden plagiarizing!), a man whose record on foreign policy runs about 95% wrong, who has spent his time in the Senate (since 1973) with fewer than four years in any kind of leadership position before being selected as Obama’s running mate.

Attorney General Eric Holder – helping Bill Clinton rush through the controversial pardon of Marc Rich should have been a disqualifying incident. But Obama put him in, and in addition to politicizing the Department of Justice to a degree unheard of even during John Mitchell’s tenure, he stonewalled investigators and Congressional committees, openly lied to Congress, authorized Operation Fast & Furious (resulting in the deaths of several Border Patrol agents, and God knows how innocent civilians in Mexico), and was censured by Congress (the first AG so cited).

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – Visited more countries than any other SecState, and has nothing to show for all of that travel. Among her serious accomplishments include giving a toy button to her Russian counterpart (with the wrong word inscribed on it), engineering the overthrow of Muammar Qaddafy, the dictator of Libya with no plan for what happened after, failing to adequately protect her Ambassador to Libya (resulting in his death), and lying about the situation to the public (but not her daughter!).

AG Loretta Lynch – most notably, a supposedly serious and experienced prosecutor who met privately with the husband of the subject of an FBI investigation

Ambassador to the U.N Susan Rice – Lied about Benghazi on five different Sunday talk shows

Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner – tax cheat

Secretary of Health & Human Services Kathleen Sebelius – Botched the rollout of ObamaCare, despite having spent billions of taxpayer dollars on it.

Director of the EPA Gina McCarthy – Unlawfully asserted her agency into areas not under its purview, and failed to act on several disasters that happened on her watch, not the least of which was the destruction of a tailings pond that resulted in the extreme contamination of the Animas River.

Secretary for Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki – A corrupt and incompetent service that grew worse under his command.

And on and on and on and on….

Also, I’d just like to point out that Obama has a habit of pulling the rug out from under people he has promised things to (remember the Syrian “red line”?). He has offered hope to so many, and then simply not delivered, whether because of politics, or laziness. In my mind, that’s even worse than simply doing nothing, because people have made important decisions based on what they were promised by Obama, and when he didn’t deliver… well these kids may or may not get deported (I’m thinking something will get worked out for the honest, law-abiding ones), but in other cases (I’m thinking Syria and Libya), people have died.


Comment by Lon Mead

Thanks, Lon. I really appreciate serious comments.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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