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The Eagle Creek Fire: 3,000 Acres Around This Beautiful Spot by The Elephant's Child

Please read this post by Alex Berezow, about the Eagle Creek fire in Oregon.This beautiful spot is Punch Bowl Falls. Just down the road, right along Interstate 84 is Multonomah Falls, a 620-foot waterfall, utterly beautiful. I’ve been there.

Both are in danger because of acts of pure stupidity and recklessness. The fire is about 7 percent contained and has burned over 3,000 acres because some teenagers shot off some fireworks. Six or more communities have been evacuated, some of the territory includes the watershed that is one of the main sources of water for the city of Portland.

Lots of evacuations, bad air quality for those with respiratory problems, closure of locks and Columbia river, many communities. Nice going teenagers. I hope they’re prosecuted. It will take years to recover.

UPDATE:  11% contained, burning 35,000 acres. Interstate 84 is closed in the Columbia River Gorge. The west lanes will be opened when it is safe. ODOT have already removed 1,500 trees that were posing a hazard to the Interstate highway, but nearly another 1,000 trees still need to be felled. A beautiful drive won’t be beautiful again for many, many years.

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The total acreage involved is above 32,000 acres since it merged with another fire that has been burning since July 4. If it were up to me, those teenagers would be spending the rest of their lives working to replant and restore the damage they caused. I’m not sure that even my grandchildren will ever see Eagle Creek the way I’ve known it up ’til now.


Comment by Walter J Everly

Yes, see update. It was such an enjoyable drive coming from the west and heading down river. It will be years and years, even if they replant immediately. Apparently a man from Utah has been charged with setting 3 other fires in Oregon, elsewhere. There were people who started forest fires during the Depression when so many needed work, in hopes of getting on a fire crew. I would throw the book at the teenagers.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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