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Here’s How Hurricanes Form and Where They Come From by The Elephant's Child

This has certainly been an interesting hurricane year, with Irma, Juan, Lee, and Maria, Hopefully, Maria will be the end of it for this season. But what is a hurricane, where does it come from and why do they do so much damage sometimes? Here’s an article from Popular Science that explains all.

The NOAA/NASA satellite image of Hurricane Jose (left), Tropical Storm Maria (center), and Tropical Depression Lee (Right) on Sept 17, 2017. Now we have hurricane hunters who fly over the storms to determine what’s happening, and satellite  pictures and even Space Station pictures plus instant communication. 1933 was supposed to be a bad hurricane year, and they had none of that — except radio. But hurricanes have been around long before radio. Imagine how terrifying when such a storm appeared with little warning and no real preparation—just a devastating natural disaster, with little help, much too late.

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So, you’re saying that hurricanes AREN’T made in a plant in Bremerton, and Fedex’d to the Canary Islands, where they put them in the ocean specifically to cause problems for Republican presidents?

Gee, I guess you just can’t believe everything you read in the comments on conspiracy theory sites. (Elvis really DOES live in Butte, Montana, though!)



Comment by Lon Mead

Well, with family in Florida, you are obviously familiar with these big winds, but for us backward folk from the mountain states, all we have to worry about is fire and floods, and being snowed in, of course. Hurricanes are a bit of a mystery and scary.
A small rancher up the road cut down a bunch of cottonwoods by the river, and being shiftless, left them where he had felled them. High water came along in the spring, and washed the debris down to the railroad bridge above our place. Took out the railroad bridge and 5 buildings of ours, and stranded my pregnant horse on a newly-created island. Exciting times.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

And the occasional exploding mountain!

Sorry about your place, and I hope your horse is okay.


Comment by Lon Mead

Long time ago. When the mountains are not rumbling, one forgets about them. We get regular warnings about a massive earthquake though.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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