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Gun Laws Clearly Do Not Work, But That Fact Seems Not to Matter by The Elephant's Child

Are Democrats really sure than banning guns would mean no more killing? Or are they just told to respond to a mass killing with a push for a gun ban. We, of course, have come to expect that. Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, but a very high murder rate, rivaled only by Baltimore. It was over 400 before the month of July was over. The pictures that accompany the article show pictures almost entirely of young black men, which suggests gang killings. Other cities like St. Louis, Detroit and New Orleans have even higher death rates, but I don’t know what their gun laws are.

Britain has really tough gun laws, even the police cannot carry guns, but a very high rate of shootings. The recent one at Manchester was very bad. Now the British are considering knife laws. ISIS has been urging their adherents to stab people, and it seems to be catching on, particularly in Israel.

In Switzerland, all young men are required to join the militia, where they learn all about firearms and are required to keep a gun to be ready if they are called upon. Switzerland has the lowest rate of gun crimes in the civilized world. Their firearms legislation is comparatively liberal and similar to the United States. The reason is a long tradition of shooting and hunting.

In the West, and where I grew up, many if not most, families counted on killing a deer or elk to fill the freezer for the winter. Here, near the coast, they add a salmon or two.

The current push is to ban bump-stocks, the accessory that allows machine gun like rapid fire from a rifle. Some Republicans in Congress agree that they should be banned, to the anger of others who believe that it is wrong to give in to the Democrats irrationalism because that would encourage their efforts for total gun control, which would get lots more people killed. Thinking logically is not one of the Lefts strong points.

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