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Constructive Chaos From the White House by The Elephant's Child
October 22, 2017, 6:32 am
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Victor Davis Hanson has a column at the Hoover Institution’s online journal Defining Ideas, about Donald Trump’s “Constructive Chaos” that is very worth your time, in this era when the slightest move by the Trump administration is dissected and analyzed for potential impeachment content. We don’t hear much about what he accomplishing, only about his racism, sexism, fascism and whatever else they manage to come up with.

Almost daily, President Trump manages to incense the media, alarm the world abroad, and enrage his Democratic opposition. Not since Ronald Reagan’s first year in office has change and disruption come so fast from the White House.

Let’s consider foreign affairs first. In response to North Korea’s nuclear threats to hit the American West coast, Trump promised Kim Jung-un utter destruction. And for sport he ridicules him as “rocket man.” ISIS is now on the run. The terrorist group has given up on its once-promised caliphate—in part because Trump changed the rules of engagement and allowed American generals at the front to use their own judgment and discretion on how best to destroy their enemies. Trump has bowed out from certifying a continuation of the Iranian deal and sent it back to Congress for reform, rejection, or ratification. In the case of the Paris climate accord, he simply pulled the United States out completely, reminding its adherents that the use of natural gas has allowed America to reduce carbon emissions far more dramatically than have most of its critics. As in the case of the Iran deal, the Obama administration never sent the Paris agreement to the Senate for a treaty vote.

Domestically, too, Trump has not been afraid to make major changes. In terms of the so-called Dreamers—children who were brought into the United States illegally by their parents and protected by the DACA executive orders of Barack Obama—for now Trump has sent the matter back to the Congress for proper legislative review. On Obamacare, Trump has issued executive orders to free up the health market and remove subsidies and monopolistic regulations on how health plans are structured and sold. His reasoning was that the Obama executive orders on health care were illegal, so revising them was necessary and legal rather than inflammatory.

There are objections, even from Republicans, because Trump is using executive orders to accomplish these ends, but Trump is simply using Obama’s own tools to reverse what Obama had wrought.

The Paris Climate agreement and the Iran Deal were clearly treaties and should have been turned over to the Senate for ratification. Obama knew ratification was impossible, so he simply called them presidential protocols, signed them, and declared that they were  legally binding agreements.

Trump is following the law by turning them over to the Senate for debate, but also following his own political instincts by assuming that both of these deals are badly flawed and put the United States at a disadvantage, which they do. But those who wanted these illegal treaties can blame the Senate, not Trump, or at least not entirely. ISIS, which Obama called the JV team, and said was impossible to control, has been defeated in a matter of months by changing the rules of engagement.

Do read the whole thing. It’s a good clarification of what is actually going on, rather than what CNN reports.

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