American Elephants

From “The Death of Common Sense” By Phillip Howard by The Elephant's Child

The Constitution is a model of flexible law that can evolve with changing times and unforeseen circumstances. This remarkable document, shorter than the EPA’s benzene rules, gave us three branches of government and a Bill of Rights built on vague principles like ‘due process.’


Fredrich Hayek, the Austria-American economist and Nobel Laureate devoted much of his brilliant career to describing  how rationalism could never work. How can anything good happen, Hayek asked, if individuals cannot think and act for themselves? Rules preclude initiative. Regimentation precludes evolution. Letting accidents happen, mistakes be made, results in new ideas. Trial and error is the key to all progress. The Soviet system of rules and central planning is doomed to failure, Hayek stated fifty years ago,  because it kills the human faculty that makes things work.

Tack these up on your bulletin board, or on your mirror, or buy the book.

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