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The First United States Census Took Place in August 1790 by The Elephant's Child

The first Census in the United States took  place beginning on August 2, 1790.  Although it took months to collect all the data from households, census takers were instructed to collect information as of August 2. In the first census the population of the United States was enumerated to be 3,929,214.

From Gordon S. Wood’s Empire of Liberty

Only 60 percent of the white population of well over three million remained English in ancestry. (1,800,000). 700 thousand of African descent. Tens of thousands of native Indians. All the peoples of Europe were present in the country, 9 percent German, 8 percent were Scots, 6 percent Scots-Irish, 4 percent were Irish, 3 percent Dutch, the remainder: French Swedes, Spanish, and people of unknown ethnicity.

African American Census schedules can be found at  The American Indian Census Rolls beginning in 1885-1940 can be found in the National Archives. There is not a census for every reservation for every year.

The National Census records can be found at the Bureau of the Census: https//

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