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The Supreme Court Stays Enforcement of Travel Ban Orders by The Elephant's Child

The Supreme Court gave the Trump administration a major victory today. They stayed the orders of two lower courts that blocked enforcement of the president’s revised travel ban. This means that travel from the affected countries can be banned or limited, while the courts continue to process appeals in the two cases.

When a court requests preliminary relief like those at issue here, a key part is the court’s assessment of which party is likely to ultimately prevail. The Court’s two orders today suggest that a solid majority of the Court thinks the travel ban will be valid and enforceable.

Remember that the ban was only on those nations that have produced a significant number of jihadists or terrorists. It was not a ban, as has been claimed by the left a blanket ban on all Muslim nations and an attack on a religion.

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Good News! Know can we remove the politics from the judicial system. These federal judges who feel the need to inject their political viewpoints on immigration has to go.


Comment by Douglas Allen

What is disturbing about this litigation is the ease in which the plaintiff is a win in the lower courts and how quickly they are smacked down in the Supreme Court.

The dissenting opinions in the appeal courts are quite powerful. They point out that similar bans were upheld repeatedly on appeal after 9/11 against Muslim majority countries and North Korea. This included requiring every male from 25 Muslim majority countries and North Korea to be fingerprinted within a certain number of days or be deported.


Comment by Jim Rose

Trump is appointing excellent candidates for vacant spots, The Senate is very slow about confirming them. (excellent according to the lawyers on the Right like Powerline) He even has some young candidates for the Supreme Court, should another vacancy arise.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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