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Sometimes a Headline… by The Elephant's Child

Holman Jenkins column in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday was titled:
“The Long War on Donald Trump: The president is guilty of something. It’s Robert Mueller’s job to figure it out. “

That captures the whole thing so precisely that it made me laugh.

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Pssst… Keep this under your hat, see… I have it on good authority that Donald Trump once crossed against the light, outside of the properly marked crosswalk.

The biggest problem (so far as the Democrats are concerned) is that Mueller actually does have a sense of honor. He may omit things, but he won’t outright lie about Trump, nor will he allow anyone who works for him to do so. The problem for the Republicans is that Mueller is stubborn to the point of idiocy. He’ll keep looking until he finds SOMETHING (dammit!). And the best part for all of us who believe the modern Democrat Party is the clown act of the political circus is that what Mueller keeps turning up is more and more evidence that it’s the Democrats who were involved with the Russians before the election, not the Trump campaign. How inconvenient.


Comment by Lon Mead

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