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Victor Davis Hanson “The Second World Wars”, Part 2 by The Elephant's Child
December 13, 2017, 6:43 am
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Here’s the second interview with Victor Davis Hanson on his new history of “The Second World Wars.” The first is here.   That “S” on Wars is quite deliberate. The men fighting on Guadalcanal had little in common with the tankers at el- Alamein or those in Burma or in the hedgerows of Normandy. A great gift for any military man or history buff. And even some women have actually enjoyed studying  history.

The Trump Jobs Boom is Real by The Elephant's Child

There were 228,000 jobs created in November. Joblessness is at a 17 year low of 4.1% and wages are going up. President Trump’s focus on tax cuts and deregulation is very good for the job market. It’s the strongest it’s been since 2000. The number of people employed is up by 1.87 million. Up for minorities, up for women, men and low-income folks. The only group that is doing notably worse is—teenagers.

It’s not hard to figure that one out. There have been significant minimum wage hikes around the country. Hiring a teenager means that you have to train someone in how to work, how to work at that job, how to relate to customers, how to make change, all the little tasks that make up most entry-level jobs,

Unions were out marching a while back with their signs: “Fight for Fifteen”. The Seattle area was a demonstration venue. The city of SeaTac (the Seattle Tacoma Airport) has lots of motels, restaurants, hotels, fast food places. They voted for a $15 minimum wage. Hotel maids got their $15, had to start paying for parking, paying for lunch. Some lost their jobs, or worked fewer hours, but privileges like free meals, vanished. Most workers felt that the rise in the minimum wage was a negative event. Taking on someone who needed a lot of training to get up to speed just wasn’t going to happen.

In Seattle it has meant that many marginal small businesses have gone out of business. And the same thing is happening across the country.

Manufacturing has rebounded. The economy has added 189,000 jobs in the past year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that at the same time federal government employment is down by 3,000. The Trump people have been removing unneeded regulation as fast as they can, and it is a boon for business. The Democrats have been out there shrieking “Tax Cuts for the Rich”— but that isn’t what is happening. Wages are rising faster in the lower income ranges than the higher ones. The Media, of course, has tried to portray Trump as a friend of the elites and an enemy of working people, but that is just wrong. Good tax cuts are on the way and that should keep growth going for a long time yet.

If you have teenagers, there are a lot of skills you can teach them at home. How to talk to customers, how to make change and count it back, How to clean the table and how to clean a bathroom. How to sweep up. Those simple tasks can be useful skills.

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