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How Do You Define Wretched Excess? Behold Nancy Pelosi: by The Elephant's Child

“Today, we gather on this floor in the midst of a holy season. In this season we celebrate the miraculous blessings of God. We reflect on the wondrous joy of children and our responsibility to them. We remember our duty to live justly. And for those of us blessed to serve in this Congress, we must remember our special responsibility to govern fairly, to meet the needs of all of God’s children. In this holy time, the moral obscenity and unrepentant greed of the GOP tax scam stands out even more clearly….

This GOP tax scam is simply theft, monumental, brazen theft from the American middle class and from every person who aspires to reach it. the GOP tax scam is not a vote for an investment in growth or jobs. It is a vote to install a permanent plutocracy in our nation. They’ll be cheering that later. It does violence to the vision of our Founders. It disrespects the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, who are a large part of our middle class and to whom we owe a future worthy of their sacrifice. And it betrays the future and betrays the aspirations of our children. It demands, it morally demands a no vote from every member of this house of the people.”

Her plea did not work. These might be some of the reasons why:

  • The Unemployment rate for Latinos is the lowest ever in the history of government tracking.
  • The Black Unemployment rate has hit a 17-year low.
  • Third Quarter growth was 3.3 percent (in spite of two hurricanes) and the 4th quarter is projected to hit the magic number of 4 percent.
  • A majority of Americans see our economy as “good” or “excellent.” 41 percent believe 2018 will be even better and 43 percent believe their wages will increase.
  • The unemployment rate has hit a 17 year low at just 4.1 percent, the lowest since 2000.
  • So far in 2017, a full 171,000 manufacturing jobs have been created. The manufacturing unemployment rate is just 2.6 percent, the lowest ever recorded.

P.S. Our men and women in uniform just got a long overdue raise.

If you have trouble understanding, see “Explaining the Trump Derangement Syndrome” just below.


Democrats Called for a Big Protest Against the Tax Bill, But No One Came! by The Elephant's Child

What if they planned a big protest against the tax bill, and no one came? Democrats have been all but shrieking “tax cuts for the rich” for weeks and weeks, and they planned a protest in a Capitol Hill conference room, expecting lots of activists to show up. Nancy Pelosi was scheduled to address the demonstration, but only a couple of dozen folks showed up, and to spare Minority Leader Pelosi the pain of speaking to an almost empty room they called the whole thing off.

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s big black headline:”How the GOP produced the worst bill sine the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850,” and the New Yorker shrieked “THE FINAL VERSION OF THE G.O.P. TAX BILL IS A CORRUPT, CRUEL, BUDGET-BUSTING HAIRBALL.” The Washington Post was dismayed that it’s barrage of negative Tax Bill articles isn’t working. (Democrats have problems with percentages) If you give somebody who makes $500,000 a year a 10% tax cut, and somebody who makes $50,000 a year the same 10% tax cut, the rich guy’s cut will be bigger and he will still have more money left than the ordinary joe. But the rich guy is still paying way more taxes.

The Wall Street Journal’s “Heard on the Street” column (from the lefty side of the paper, not the Opinion pages – which lean right) said:

There were several surprises for investors when Republicans unveiled their final tax bill Friday, but the most significant is that they add up to a bigger boost to economic growth next year. …

The tax plan was always expected to juice the economy, but the Senate version, which passed after the House approved its bill, had relatively modest short-term stimulus. While the stock market kept rising in anticipation of a cut, the bond market hardly budged. The bill unveiled Friday front-loaded more than $200 billion in stimulus for next year. Economists had been penciling in a boost of about a third of a percentage point next year. Now that is looking way low.

There are several big changes in the final bill. The cut in the corporate tax rate to 21% happens right away; the Senate bill had put it off until 2019. It lowers the top rate on individuals to 37%—lower than either the House and Senate plans. It also pushes individual rates down for most other people and increases the child tax credit, which are important because middle-class households are more likely to spend extra income than the rich.

And here’s the Left-leaning tax policy center  (scroll down) which finds that 80.4% of Americans would see a tax cut in 2018. The average decrease would be $2,140. Only 4.8% would see a tax increase. Trump’s record of accomplishment is garnering praise from even some reluctant never trumpers. The tax cut is big. $1,5 trillion over 10 years, a lower corporate rate, from 35% to 21%, and they will only be taxed on their earnings in the U.S.. (sorry, Dems, corporations don’t really pay taxes, they just pass it on to you). Pulling out of the Paris accords was an excellent move, approving the Keystone pipeline, cutting back dramatically on needless regulation that gets in the way of business.

Democrats firmly believe in the efficacy of government, and that the wise people in government can make everything better by telling everyone what to do. Uh huh.


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