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The City of Spokane Outlaws Detention of Illegal Aliens by City Police In Defiance of Federal Law. by The Elephant's Child

The city of Spokane has agreed to change its laws in straightforward defiance of federal law, apparently because of complaints or a lawsuit from the ACLU of Washington and the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, neither of which have any legal standing one would assume. They agreed to change their policies to make sure that police officers will not question or detain people as they are required to do by federal law.

That’s  part of a final settlement they city reached Tuesday in federal court with the ACLU and the Immigrant Rights group. The case stemmed from a 2014 traffic accident when the vehicle of Gabriel Gomez was struck by a minivan that failed to yield the right of way. A Spokane police officer responding to the incident contacted the U.S. Border Patrol to ask whether the agency had an interest in Gomez.

The officer issued a ticket to the driver of the minivan that failed to yield, and let that driver leave the scene. But the officer detained Gomez until the Border Patrol arrived and took him into custody, as federal law requires.

This is all the information from the article. Makes no sense at all. How do a couple of unofficial agencies win in court by demanding that the city defy federal law? I would hope that the city of Spokane pays a significant cost for that one.

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