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Are You Missing the Elephant in the Room? by The Elephant's Child

The left-wing media is frantically busy fact-checking every word of the State of the Union Speech, defiantly positive that it was all a pack of lies. Yet the American people not only approved of the speech, they really liked it. Trump’s approval rating is up significantly, and that will not do.

Interest in the Super Bowl was way down, many people simply turned it off, extending their rejection of professional football throughout the season. At the Emmys, host Stephen Colbert promised an all-out assault on Trump, and the ratings came in at an all time low. The Grammys took an all-time 24% nosedive to 10 million fewer viewers. CNN, the noted fake news network, has had a ratings disaster, not one program  ranked in the top 23. Movie attendance for Hollywood movies has reached a 24 year low.

Is it possible that there is a message here in all these collapsing ratings? What could it be? How come everything seems to be going down just as things are looking so decisively up? Taxes are way down, and the incomes of ordinary people are way up. Businesses are hiring, employment is up, unemployment is way down. Business is busy passing out bonuses, which on top of a tax cut is very good news for a lot of families.

The left-wing media is apparently so busy fact-checking the State of the Union speech and the Nunes memo, and their general fury at all things Trump, that they simply  haven’t noticed these statistical details in the news.

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And have you noticed something about that “fact-checking” the State of the Union? Apart from all the cries of how “dark” and “mean-spirited” it was, and how it was supposedly “divisive”, no one (that I’ve seen, anyway) has managed to refute a single fact from it. There’s been a lot of attempts to say that Obama deserves a lot of credit for the success of Trump’s first year, but no one credibly claiming that anything Trump said wasn’t true.

Which must be driving the Democrats absolutely crazy (crazier?), because EVERYONE KNOWS how Trump is such a liar.


Comment by Lon Mead

they simply haven’t noticed these statistical details in the news.

They have, they just want the rest of us NOT to notice.

Hanlon’s Razor admonishes us not to presume malice where stupidity would adequately suffice for an explanation. However, after this last decade of liberal fantasy telling us the new normal is 1 to 2% GDP growth and their on air mouth frothing hatred of Trump, the presumption of stupidity has been thoroughly rebutted. Just as in a court of law, in the court of public opinion ALL presumptions must be rebuttable!

In a case of absurd Projection, the Left insists that Trump is a hateful person. No, the sheer malice of the Left is on full display toward Trump.

The Left/MSM/Democrat Party is NOT entitled to a presumption of anything since they have clearly articulated their hatred of Trump.


Comment by dscott

[…] Association. Politicizing business is a very bad idea, as I noticed in an earlier post about “The Elephant in the Room.”  If a business decides to get political, half the country will take their business […]


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