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If Banning Guns Won’t Work, What Should We Do? by The Elephant's Child

To reach a point where people can begin to talk sensibly about the problem of violence in our schools, you have to wait a while. Probably longer than this. All the people who have never held a gun, nor fired one, have time to insist that banning all guns is the answer. Unfortunately, it’s often the less they know, the more they sound off.

There are no reliable statistics that I could find on gun shootings in schools. Everytown for Gun Safety is an activist gun-banning group, and has listed every incidence when a gun has been discharged in or near a school in their statistics, including on school property when schools are not in session, which includes a suicide in his own car, that sort of thing, which has contaminated most lists.

There are some few sensible suggestions emerging. Most courthouses and state buildings have  metal detectors at their doors, and a guard inside to do something if a metal detector sounds off.  Interesting that government officials are ready to insure protection for themselves, but not for vulnerable students. So the first need is for some proper statistics enumerating the people who have attempted to attack school children as the most vulnerable and precious victims. This is not as easy as it should be. The United States is a big open country with all sorts of news outlets, some of them even reliable. Our news is reported as headlines in most other countries. Because we let it all hang out, so to speak, countries that are more sparing in what they tell the public are shocked by us.

Banning guns is everyone’s first choice, but will not change anything. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The kid who was turned in by his grandmother this week because she read his journal, was not only talking about guns, but about making bombs at home.  If metal detectors at every entrance to a school are a good idea, then it detects as someone enters—and who responds to that and what do they do? Is it an armed guard? For every door? Or are all other doors but the main door locked, and checked to make sure they are locked? It gets complicated right off the bat, and needs to be thought through carefully.

The grandmother who called 911 after reading her grandson’s journal here in Snohomish County (Everett) just had to trust that the responders from 911 would know what to do. It would seem that adults in such a situation would be more apt to take action if they knew what and who to reach, and what would result.

It’s agreed that the FBI fouled up very badly by not following up on warnings they received about Nikolas Cruz. They had a definite warning call from someone who knew him and took his threats seriously. His father had died earlier, and his mother had died suddenly and recently from pneumonia. He was expelled from school. Police were reportedly called to the home some 39 times. That’s a remarkable number of red flags and call for help, to FBI and city police, but nothing happened, no one took him in for help. That suggests missing training in when red flags should go up, and in what avenues to follow. Is a jail cell the only answer? Taxpayers are supporting a vast array of agencies that are supposedly trained to deal with situations like these. School shootings are not as common as the gun-control advocates assume, but there have been others. Some of the attacks have been by adults which are a different situation.

Junior high and high school are difficult times for kids. They are dealing with  puberty, and sex education, that currently seems to tell them they they can be any sex they choose, when they are trying to figure out how to be popular like some other kids seem to be, having crushes, wanting to be good at sports or acting or singing or anything like other kids seem to be. Everybody remembers traumatic things from their own high school career. It’s a very emotional time, taking the first steps toward adulthood.

It has been widely, if quietly, reported that teachers are being attacked in their own classrooms, in many cases by unruly students. School districts do not want that to be reported so it is not frequently mentioned, but it happens, perhaps more frequently where there is gang activity. What is being done about that?

When a kid has acted up enough to be expelled from school, had the police called to his home 39 times, and  just lost his mother, that would seem to be a powerful call for help. You would have one very angry kid. What all of this suggests is that all those administrators that the taxpayers are supporting besides the teachers in the classroom, should be planning and working with other agencies to think through the possibilities and come up  with plans so people know what to do and who to call.

What about the kid who uses the internet to learn how to build a bomb? Or learns how to make Molotov cocktails?  Do we still have reform schools? There are a lot of quiet agencies who take on troubled kids in rural settings to straighten them out and set them on a better path. Very expensive. Military schools. Also very expensive. Can states and communities learn from them and put new programs for troubled kids in place? Some used to be encouraged to enlist in the military, and drill sergeants know a thing or two.

Banning assault weapons (aren’t those the scary looking guns with scopes and a military profile) and AK-47s sounds important, and accomplishes nothing at all. Countries that have really gone for banning guns have learned that it does not work. Our cities with the most restrictive gun laws are some of the most violent.

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Given the MSM/Democrat lock step on calling for more gun control each and every time a mass shooting occurs it begs the question. Following the dictum, let no crisis go to waste, the FBI’s apparent consistent failure on this particular type of mass casualty event it would appear the ball was kneeled. This is an MO by Obama followers/fellow travelers, e.g. lack of border security, lack of ID theft enforcement, Fast & Furious, Iranian negotiations, sue and settle arrangements with environuts… It’s not a stretch to connect the dots.

The line between incompetence and fecklessness is the willingness and ability to learn from one’s mistakes to do better.

Blaming guns for the slaughter instead of blaming the abject failure of the FBI is a cover up writ large by Liberals who need the FBI to fail at it’s job. As someone else said, blaming guns for deaths is like blaming pencils for spelling errors.


The gun control debate depends upon mass shootings otherwise Chicago and Baltimore’s annual slow roll slaughter would be cause celeb.

The FBI needs a thorough house cleaning. Everyone with a liberal bent needs to be purged out of the FBI.


Comment by dscott

There were at least two different school shooters stopped in the Seattle area in the last several years– they contacted an FBI ringer for bomb parts, or something similar.

It just doesn’t make the news, especially since the arrests are usually local cops.


Comment by Foxfier

With schools we need to eliminate these gun free zone policies. Armed security guards at every school sounds good but not practical with public school districts budgets. Let’s bring back decipline to the classroom. Students with the ‘fear of god’ in their heads if they talk back or worse attack a teacher or school administrator is a good thing.
Politicians need to start targeting criminal/mental human behavior and going after the stolen guns that our abundant on our streets.
On the cultural side, we need to reintroduce the father back into the family and there young teenagers can learn where the boundaries are between what’s right and wrong. Too many of our youth have fallen into the gang culture where values are dismissed and violence is present


Comment by Douglas Allen

Excellent. I’d forgotten about gun free zones. I would like to know what goes on in the teacher training schools. I believe I’ve read that they don’t get any training in how to manage a classroom, but rather a lot in how to draw the alphabet on the blackboard, but I’m not sure of that.
This kid showed all kinds of signals that he needed help, and only got rejection from the school. That and teachers being attacked needs some serious attention to how to deal with it rather than just trying to hide the facts.
Even Obama recognized and spoke on fatherhood, but that wasn’t one of his successes. We now have a “Womyn’s Movement” demonstrating against “toxic masculinity”, and the societal demand for “diversity” clearly does not include straight white males. Which is insane. Speak out. Write your congressmen.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

There was an armed cop at the school….problem being, there are actually two schools, and it’s HUGE. You’d need more armed security than is really feasible.

Which is the whole point of concealed carry.


One of the problems with figuring out “school shootings” is that gang activity sometimes happens where someone shot is on school grounds, but it’s not really this kind of school shooting.

FBI definition “Mass shootings,” though, here are some stats, in as much as they were only able to find a handful of mass shootings where people were allowed guns.


Comment by Foxfier

I tried both Bing and Google, and found no trustworthy statistics, but I didn’t spend enough time on it. Kids who kill are acting out their anger at being rejected by the school and everyone in it, I believe, Adults who attack a school need the vulnerable population that will cause great grief in society and in some way make the shooter more powerful. How’s that for armchair psychiatry? It’s easy just to say they are insane and need the death penalty, but in this case there was a complete breakdown in all the things that should have happened from the time when the kid first got in trouble with the school. I hope we, as a society, can learn something from this tragic case. Unfortunately the lefty loons that keep shouting about gun banning and the NRA not only miss the point, but sour the ability to learn from the whole thing.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Bryan Suits on KFI has pointed out that every single case where they looked, the shooters had been on either ADD/ADHD drugs and weren’t anymore, or were on anti-depressants. (which are known to cause suicidal reactions)

Especially since the latest guy was obviously crazy in the sense of “not safe to everyone else to leave free,” yet was mentally adjudicated to be totally OK for himself and others, the mental health system needs some work.
Maybe some sort of a trial, rather than shoving it to individuals with extremely limited options. (I don’t know about Florida, but I know in Washington you have to be basically headed to jail for murder before they’ll consider locking you up as a nutjob.)


Comment by Foxfier

Tim Scott: The system to prevent mass shootings is in place, it just needs to be followed properly

“We all say if you see something, say something. And Parkland community, we saw people reporting, there were 20 calls to the sheriff’s department, they responded. The FBI received legitimate, credible tip and it was not followed up upon. What we have seen in three major atrocities is that the system that was in place simply was not followed.”

Was it incompetence or fecklessness? Start with the low hanging fruit, Heads must roll!


Comment by dscott

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