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Can Anyone Explain the Loony Left? by The Elephant's Child
April 11, 2018, 6:17 am
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Billionaire Leftist activist Tom Steyer is working in Wisconsin to try to topple Republican Governor Scott Walker and House Speaker Paul Ryan. He apparently told the Milwaukee journal Sentinel on Tuesday that Walker and Republicans in Wisconsin “are nervous about the fact that they’ve done such a bad job.”

Mr. Steyer is a resident of the failed state of California, that is probably the worst managed state in the Union, that is broke, cannot pay its pension costs, nor pay for Governor Brown’s high speed train to nowhere. Its failure to manage it’s water resources and forests meant devastating wildfires this past year. They have the most homeless of any state in the union. And working people are crowding into small apartments in big numbers since housing prices are out of sight. People and businesses are fleeing the state for places where housing is more affordable and taxes are more reasonable. but the oligarchs in wealthy communities apparently don’t notice what is going on around them.

Steyer is an environmental activist from California who spent more than $90 million on Democratic and liberal causes in the 2016 campaign. Through his youth organizing group NextGen Rising, Steyer plans to spend $30 million in 10 states, including Wisconsin, to help Democrats win this year.

Mr. Steyer is demanding that Trump be impeached, but it’s not very clear just what he wants him impeached for. Because he doesn’t like him I guess. He talks about the “need to impeach” but President Trump is doing a remarkably good job, in spite of all the harassment and silly Steyer stuff. The Obama administration assured us that the economy could not rise above 2% growth and the forecast is for 3.5% next month.  The economy is booming, employment is way up, manufacturing is way up. Red tape and regulations are way down and business is free to prosper.

The Democrats seem to have collectively lost their minds. It’s not love of Hillary, they clearly want her to shut up and go away. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright just said that”while she isn’t saying he’s a fascist, President Trump is the most undemocratic president I have ever seen in American history.” She’s trying to plug her new book “Fascism: A Warning”, which I certainly wouldn’t recommend based on that analysis. Undemocratic? Clearly they have lost power and power is what they crave. But I really don’t understand this seething hatred for the duly elected President of the United States.

I thought Barack Obama was a pretty poor president, and made a mess of the job. He was a “real good talker” as someone said. But did a remarkably poor job of running the country from TARP on down to pulling precipitously out of Iraq, and wasting all the hard fought work that had set Iraq on a better course. Things seem to be looking up somewhat there.

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