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We Aren’t Recognizing the Anger and Despair! by The Elephant's Child

Former FBI  Director James Comey’s new book is being released today, and he will be on a long book tour trying to push the book. He hates President Trump, whines like a 9-year-old, and reflects badly on the organization that he formerly headed. He expected Hillary to win, his wife was really excited about having a female president. He has not behaved well, and serious FBI people are concerned for the reputation of the agency.

Democrats clearly expected Hillary to win, but for the most part they seem to be pretty much done with her. I think that it wasn’t so much Hillary’s loss, but that red map of all the counties in the country that went for Trump. I suspect that they didn’t even consider the possibility that Trump might win, it was unthinkable. All those Republicans, a despicable bunch, and most of the Democrats had particular Republicans to hate, but the idea that Trump could triumph attacked all of their sureties, their world view, the things he espoused were beyond the pale — cutting taxes, closing the border.

Republicans aren’t all that inclined to fall in love with presidents. They recognize that presidents are only ordinary men, with all the flaws and faults of ordinary men, perhaps a little more so, when they suddenly become “the leader of the free world.” The “Never Trumpers”, certified members of the ruling class, were appalled by his tweeting, although many of them were on Twitter as well, but a president—tweeting? Clearly beneath the dignity of the office! His speech offended! Dan Bongino, who is from Queens, said Trump talked like someone from Queens who was in the construction trade. Trump told the people what he thought, and who he did not like nor trust. Beneath the dignity…

Barack Obama was, as someone said—a real good talker. Flowery words, designed to rouse the emotions, but fairly devoid of meaning. But people were thrilled, including the Nobel Prize committee, Not much follow through.

I think it’s that map. The Democrats lost control of practically everything, a huge,  immense loss. Their reason for everything is control. They are the intelligentsia. They are destined to run everything as soon as they dispose of the annoying Republicans. They went to the best schools, they run the biggest companies, they have the most billionaires, and all the movie stars, and the Republicans are backwoods people, racists, sexists, deplorables from flyover country. Who even knows what is down there when you fly from one enlightened coast to the other? Hillary thought it was her due, her destiny. She’s still out complaining, but the Democrats are done with her, and looking for someone who can restore their rightful place in the universe.  Joe Biden?

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No, not Joe Biden. Joe Biden is clumsy, known as a plagiarist, usually wrong (particularly in foreign policy), has a reputation for being “handsy”, and is a brain donor (I hear the recipient is doing well with it, though…).

The Democrats have problems with most of the others who aspire to the White House, as well:
– Kamala Harris started her career as Willie Brown’s mistress (his patronage got her as far as California Attorney General). Being an attractive black woman is her main qualification; on most subjects, she seems even dumber than Biden and more politically inept than Hillary.
– Sanders is a Communist that was born the year rope was invented.
– Elizabeth Warren, the fake Indian, has no personality to speak of.
– Cory Booker is an embarrassing drama queen with imaginary friends (look up Booker and “T-Bone”).

That’s just a sample. Democrats have “Trump is bad” as a political idea, but little else. And what they’ve come out for since the first of the year? Repealing the tax cuts? Repealing the Second Amendment (and strongly advocating limits on the First!)? Look for more of those blue dots on the map to turn red.


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