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Control the Words, Control the Culture! by The Elephant's Child

From Praeger University: The Language of the Left. It’s really important to understand just how much we are all influenced by Leftist language. From Diversity and Racism to feminism. The best example is the language of the DACA “kids”. They are “children” ( up to about 35 years old) “brought here against their will”, “through no fault of their own” “yearning for a chance of college.”

The actuality is something different. Only 49% have a high school education. 24% are functionally illiterate, and another 46% have only “basic” English ability. The rest are dropouts. For every DACA recipient who joined the military (about 1 in 1000) 2 have committed serious crimes. At least 1,500 have gang membership (Feb. 2017). By August 2017 that number increased to 2,139. Only 76% of DACA “kids” are from Mexico. Mexican immigrants sponsor 6.38 legal immigrants. These figures are from the Center for Immigration Studies.

The U.S. admits about 1 million legal immigrants a year. Over the last 35 years 61% of that number was chain migration.

Over 500 members of MS13 are linked to crime in 22 states. Gang arrests by ICE declined from 4,600 in 2012 to 1,590 in 2014. MS13 is in 40 states and D.C. In Fredrick Maryland, a MS13 member was employed as a custodian in a middle school. His gang leaders in El Salvador instructed him to “take advantage” of America’s “Lenient policies” to bring in new recruits.

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