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There Was Collusion, but It Wasn’t President Trump! by The Elephant's Child

The first of these videos is of Kim Strassel who has been right on top of this story for the Wall Street Journal, with Tucker Carlson at Fox News. The second is again with Kim Strassel with Jason Chaffetz, former congressman from Utah, on Hannity. Both were posted May 11, the same day.

The third is an interview with Corey Lewandowski, who was one of Trump’s Campaign managers, posted on May 17, a week later. We have now reached the 20th of May, Sunday. So Monday should be a very interesting day indeed.

This is a deeply strange affair. Agencies of the government working to affect the outcome of the upcoming election, by inserting a spy in the campaign of the candidate of the party opposing the Obama administration’s preferred successor.

Agencies of the government are supposed to be public servants and work for the people. We’re perfectly aware that they are carrying out the direction of the party in charge, and the agencies will be carrying out the policies of the outgoing administration, and those policies will probably change under a new administration. But here we have the intelligence sector of the government acting to effect the outcome of the election.

After the election did not produce their preferred candidate, Hillary — we have an investigation of the newly elected president, Donald Trump, cooked up in  an attempt by agencies of the American government to find a crime with which they can impeach the duly elected president.

Government officials can be impeached. It is a way to remove very bad people. First, there must be a crime that is worthy of impeachment. Unfortunately for the Democrats, there was no crime, so a former head of the FBI was selected as an investigator to find a crime. That’s not the way it works. It should have been halted at that point, but there were all the rumors of malfeasance  by “the Russians”.

There seem to be a few stories about someone talking to Russians, there was a goofy cooked-up story by people paid by the Clinton campaign. There has been Hillary who came out with a book to say how she was cheated out of the office and “first woman” label to which she was entitled, and she has been going around the world, collecting money from curious audiences to complain about how unfair it all is and how horrible President Trump is.  Jay Whig, writing at American Greatness today put it very well.

The case against Trump evaporates as Trump has demonstrated unique competence: no one could have withstood the showers of arrows shot at him—many from his own camp and from defectors from the leadership of his camp—and still kept going, let alone kept his promises.

The logjam has busted, as they say. It’s all coming out. The spy has been outed. The inspector general’s case is about to be delivered. The Nunes House Intelligence Committee has received the information they demanded. There has been Collusion. Criminal collusion. This is very big and very bad.  To be continued…

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And so the “collusion” (which is not a crime) the Democrats have been accusing Trump of commiting is now turning into charges of conspiracy (which IS a crime) being committed by the Democrats. The hornet’s nest the Democrats were warned against stirring up is now swarming against them.

“Collusion” was a narrative that was chosen quite carefully. It had a whiff of wrongdoing, without actually making any kind of accusation that could be considered slander or libel (which Trump could sue over). The idea was to put just enough doubt into the minds of Americans as to Trump’s “legitimacy” as President so as to hurt his agenda and, hopefully, regain control of Congress. The plan was subtle, but suffered from a major flaw: Democrats, who have been using a sledgehammer to kill mosquitoes since the Clintons arrived on the scene, didn’t know when to quit. The Democrats wanted a simple congressional investigation they could spin any way they wanted; they wound up with a special counsel, led by a man looking for crime that obviously didn’t happen and is becoming more obvious every day. An Inspector General investigation (which the Democrats didn’t want because they had no control over it) was put in place to investigate charges of misbehavior by some in the FBI, and has wound up showing the leadership of a major department of government conspiring against candidate Trump, President-elect, and now President Trump.

The Democrats should have just taken their lumps from the election and moved on. But they wanted to overturn an election that didn’t go the way they wanted, and have ended up doing more and more damage to themselves.

And Trump? People who know what crime and criminal behavior looks like have been sniffing after Trump non-stop for the past two years, and haven’t found so much as a parking ticket.


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