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Trump Derangement Syndrome is Real and Weird by The Elephant's Child

An interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal today by a Republican media consultant. He says:

I’m routinely invited to represent the right-leaning view on left-leaning news outlets, including CNN, MSNBC and NPR. Usually I’m invited to appear alongside two liberal panelists, a liberal show host, and a viewing audience rooting for my competitors. I’m not expected to take a dive, but everything is arranged to make it hard for me to win the argument.

He says that waiting in the green room to go on the air. he meets all kinds of liberal journalists, activists, progressive politicians and Hollywood celebrities. And what has he learned from observing these people close up?

Liberals are united in the belief that the election of Donald Trump constituted a cataclysmic anomaly in the political cosmos. They believe in their hearts that this cataclysm was instigated by an outside agent using cyber chicanery. Equally clear is their newfound collective purpose in life—to rectify this horrific reality any way they can. …

The conversations I’ve heard regarding the president’s mental state have been even more bizarre. I’ve heard it all—he is on medication that causes erratic behavior, he has a mental illness, he has been brainwashed or blackmailed by the Russians.

The consequence of this mindset is that President Trump’s successes have not been reported. The historic unemployment numbers, the destruction of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the potential breakthrough with North Korea, no clue.

At The Federalist, Johnathan Tobin writes about the Never Trumpers who find President Trump’s conduct so unpresidential and deeply inappropriate, that they are ready to join forces with liberals to oppose the president in court and in future political campaigns.

But to the hardcore Never Trump remnant, his policies are irrelevant. That fact that he has been arguably among the most conservative presidents in memory and has done things these figures would have supported if any other Republican had carried them out means nothing to them. In their eyes, Trump’s personality and sensibilities are a threat, as one of them told The New York Times, to “the liberal order” and a destroyer of the “norms of democracy.”

They seriously believe that Trump is plotting the end of democracy, and unless there is a successful resistance we are living in the last days of the Weimar republic. His policies are irrelevant. Apparently opposition to the president is more important than lower taxes, a conservative judiciary, ending the Iran Deal and recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

I really don’t understand Trump Derangement Syndrome, though it’s very clear that it really exists. Democrats are inclined to fall in love with their presidents, and loathe Republicans. But presidents are only ordinary men, with all the faults and foibles that go along with being human. Political campaigns are full of excess and hoopla and when we elect someone to the presidency, we can only cross our fingers and hope that they do some of the things we believe to be important. Part of the derangement is, of course that Trump is undoing Obama’s “accomplishments.” The fact that they would not work, were bad ideas, or even big mistakes would make no difference. They’d fix it later. And then, of course, Democrats don’t believe in cutting taxes, or removing regulations. Every Democrat in Congress voted against cutting taxes.

Economic estimates are coming in for the second quarter, and they are all 3.3% and more. Democrats promised us that there was no longer any possibility of getting beyond 2% growth. Trump is horrible is probably not a winning message.

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