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If You Have Been Wondering Why? Here’s the Answer! by The Elephant's Child

The general era of hysteria, one crisis after another that Democrats erupt over, we have usually attributed to “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” But I ran across this video from November of last year of Victor Davis Hanson chatting with Ginny Thomas, and Dr. Hanson explains it all perfectly. So if you are wondering about all the weeping and gnarling of knuckles over “poor innocent children ‘ripped’ from the arms of their mothers” here’s why: Look closely at the county map of the election, and listen to the whole explanation.

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This election map is of the presidential election? Slightly more than half the voters voted for Hillary Clinton. If so, what we are saying is half the population representing Democrat rubes live in 10% (eye balling it) of the land area of the US? That’s some dense population.


Comment by dscott

The election map is at the COUNTY level and includes state and local offices. The big problem for Democrats is that Republicans took over at every level. Adding all the illegals who voted, Hillary did win the popular vote. That is why we have an Electoral College, so that the entire election cannot be controlled by California and New York, thus every state is represented in the presidential election. Democrats hate the Electoral College and are always trying to remove it. There was, in this election, a significant vote by illegal aliens (they confessed when picked up by ICE) and significant numbers of dead people voting as well as people voting in their home state and their vacation home state. We had a governor elected by vote fraud here in WA state a few years ago, so we’re more apt to notice the reports of vote fraud.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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