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R.I.P. Charles Krauthammer. You Will Be Missed! by The Elephant's Child

A Life well and powerfully lived. Paralyzed from the neck down after a swimming pool accident, Charles Krauthammer became a psychiatrist, and a good one. And he became a columnist and author, and was an outstanding one. Of his own predicament, he said:

“Better to be paralyzed from the neck down
than the neck up.”

—”The Indispensable Man” by Steven Hayward

Charles Krauthammer” by the WSJ Editorial Board

America Lost Its Greatest Political Commentator”by Roger S. Simon

And here are a few of his columns”

Did the State Make You Great”by Charles Krauthammer

“The Bush Legacy” by Charles Krauthammer

“Moving from Left to Right” by Charles Krauthammer

“Trump’s ‘Madman Theory’ Diplomacy” by Charles Krauthammer


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Loved Charles Krauthammer. Learned so much from his commentary on Bret Brair’s special report program along with other Fox News appearances. Also found out from Juan Williams this week that Charles was an excellent chess player.
Great man and thinker with the power to persuade.

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Comment by Douglas (@SeattleSports64)

He was! He was a deeply informed, wise and eloquent thinker. I remember watching him on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart when he was selling a book–possibly the only right-wing intellectual that Stewart ever allowed on his show, I don’t know, but that is the respect Charles commanded among the NY intellectual crowd.

But Stewart’s style of propaganda required framing the right’s arguments himself, with a combination of condescension, ad hominems, deceptively edited quotes and snark. So he rarely, if ever, allowed intellectual conservatives on his show–for that reason–other than Krauthammer.

As you probably know, speaking required a fair amount of labor for Charles, which is one reason his speech is so slow and measured. Well, Stewart tried to use that to defeat Charles, by speaking extremely quickly, and loading so many falsehoods, straw men, and misrepresentations into one question, there was no way Charles could address them all in the short time he was given to answer, and yet he still managed to wipe the floor with Stewart–particularly in the “after show” segment that was only posted to the internet, not shown on air.

Charles was a national treasure, and he will sorely be missed.


Comment by American Elephant

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