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Will the Once Great State of California Ever Recover From Jerry Brown? by The Elephant's Child

Down in the great state of California, Governor Moonbeam and the Legislature are suing BP (formerly British Petroleum) because the people using nasty fossil fuels (all of us and the American economy) are causing catastrophic global warming which is going to destroy the planet, or kill us all, or something like that. Except that it isn’t.

Our very own governor, who seems to copy every nitwit idea of Governor Moonbeam’s, either is doing his own lawsuit or is joining on California’s, I’m not sure. Our Governor, called locally “Sleepy Jay Inslee” is also trying to push a carbon tax on everybody who drives a vehicle.

This case against BP should be understood as the holy grail of potential jackpots for the legal profession. BP alone had $240.21 billion in revenue last year. Greedy lawyers are envisioning mammoth windfalls, and if they succeed in breaking BP, they can go on with all the other oil companies, breaking them one by one. $$$$$$  We can all rely on wind and solar which are useless, but beloved by Lefties. We could all drive useless electric cars (you think there would be any energy left to plug into your very expensive car?) The Left loathes Big Oil, but as with most things they loathe, don’t really know why they are supposed to do so. Big Oil is simply the name used to describe the world’s six or seven largest publicly traded oil and gas companies BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Total SAand EniSpA and Phillips 66.  Demonized by the Left for the rare spills, when oil-soaked birds serve the same purpose in Leftist propaganda as the current kids in cages, separated, crying, from their mothers. Bad analogy. The oil-soaked birds are real, unfortunately. The kids in cages belong to president Obama.

Our freeways are so crowded that at rush hour a doctor said it took her over two hours to get home, a usual 25 minute drive. People are leaving the state and the outflow of people and business from California is huge.  California’s freeways are, it is reported, potholed, too crowded, and in poor condition while Jerry Brown pursues his high-speed rail to nowhere, and Elon Musk experiments with vacuum tube tunnels.

The Court has asked what the social cost of the use of fossil fuels is. Here’s the answer given the court.


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California has a ballot vote on splitting state into three parts.
We’ll see how that turns out


Comment by Douglas (@SeattleSports64)

Keep in mind that if California succeeded in splitting into 3 parts they would get another two sets of Senators! Which may well be their aim.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Statehood can take decades. Majority in both house/senate. President signs. The state legislatures are also involved but I don’t know their voting requirements. First, the voters in California have to approve the measure in three separate votes.
Last state to split away was West Virginia.
Puerto Rico has failed many times in the applying for statehood process.


Comment by Douglas (@SeattleSports64)

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