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A Day of Mourning. by The Elephant's Child

This is Scarlett. We had to put her down last night. Her innards gave up the battle. She was 17, and came to us when she was 3, from the Humane Society with the name “Moet” (tuxedo and black tie, get it?) We didn’t, so I gave her the name Scarlett after Scarlett O’Hara. “Scarlett O’Hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it when caught by her charm…” Utterly charming, but a bit of a bitch underneath. She was an alpha cat, and ruled the roost, and poor Sabrina (the other cat, much larger, but completely cowed). Had to drive to the 24- hour emergency vet in the next town at rush hour. Trouble with pets is they are not as long-lived as we are. We will miss her.


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Losing pets is tough. Thanks for sharing

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Comment by Douglas (@SeattleSports64)

I’m sorry.

Tuxedos, according to my dad, make the best house-pets– even when they have an attitude they’re charming.

We have two boys; one big idiot, one cranky twit who is a self-appointed nurse maid to anybody feeling ill or crying.

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Comment by Foxfier

Thank you both! Yes, tuxedos are wonderful pets, a least from my personal experience. My first encounter with a tuxedo was when I found one, lost, in a very big park, with lots of busy roads around it, sniffing around the water’s edge, looking very much lost. I took him home and called the Humane Society lost and found, all sorts of vets offices, especially around where I found him; put notices up on Craig’s list and online lost pet sites. Then I went back the next day and blanketed the blocks all around the park with FOUND CAT notices on every telephone pole. Adorable young cat. Not still as small as a kitten, but not quite an adult. My efforts paid off, and I was able to reunite the cat with his owner who was able to tell me over the phone what identifying marks he had. The amazing thing is how FAR the kitten was away from home. I found him in the Arboretum, and she lived in Wallingford or Greenlake or somewhere across a ship canal and the intersection of two major freeways. I only had him for a few days, but I was already attached to the little bugger, so although I was very happy to reunite him with his mom (she seemed like a nice person, and she was very greatful) I was sad to see him go. I think from then on, I knew I wanted one of my next cats to be a tuxedo. And Scarlett was very sweet.


Comment by American Elephant

we buried a cat in december….we buried her daughter in february…now we are looking at burying another cat this month, he is fading fast….but he’s 18, so there’s that….

we will be left with only two cats and one dog……

this is what happens when you get old…you are afraid to adopt new animals, because they will outlive you, and there will be no one to take care of them once you pass……

we would not have those two cats left, except for God putting them here and telling us these are our cats……i definitely did not want any more cats…..

these two are among the best cats i ever had…. 🙂

ain’t that the way it goes…….


Comment by cheryl kern

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