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The American Amateur Spirit by The Elephant's Child


From Daniel Boorstin’s Hidden History: Daniel Boorstin is a former
Librarian of Congress and author of many important books
about American history.

The Amateur Spirit and its Enemies

Aristocracies are governed by people born to govern, totalitarian societies by people who make ruling their profession. But our representative government must be led by people never born to govern, temporarily drawn from the community, and sooner or later
sent back home.

The two new breeds whose power and prestige menace the amateur spirit are the professionals and the bureaucrats. Both are by-products of American wealth and American progress. But they can stifle the amateur spirit on which the special quality and vision of
our American Leaders must depend.


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Noah’s Ark was built by an amateur.
The Titanic was built by experts.


Comment by Lon Mead

Good one, Lon. You always make me laugh.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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