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Here’s Mark Levin With a Bit of Media History by The Elephant's Child

Mark Levin has a keen eye for disinformation and the mind to explain all. We’re in uncharted territory here, and need all the help we can get. When you find something that reveals a lot, share it as widely as you can. Perhaps you have noticed that the Media is not apt to help out unless it’s a leftist talking point. They seem remarkably ignorant of history and when considering the present, its rather helpful to know what has gone before and how we got here.

Remember Ben Rhodes remark about today’s journalists when he was explaining how easy they were to manipulate “They’re all 27 years old and don’t know anything.”

Can Someone Please Produce Some Straightforward Facts? by The Elephant's Child


The problem is Russian Collusion, we are told. The Russians interfered in the 2016 election. They hacked into the DNC computers, and into John Podesta’s computer because John Podesta stupidly chose “password” as his password. Then they supposedly read everything on Hillary’s servers because she had no security at all. But then her servers were supposed to be wide open to anybody who wanted to look. So what damaging information did who get and how did that change the election?

And then there were former DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s aides from Pakistan who reportedly stole information from Congressional computers, or Democrat computers and high-tailed it back to Pakistan but that whole episode and those people disappeared from the news entirely., and vanished down the memory hole.

The hacking or intrusion, or whatever you want to call it, was really old news, yet it still seems to be what we are talking about. But all we know is that they are said to have hacked these computers, but how did that profit them, and what did they do with the information that affected the election?

If, as we are told, they interfered in the election, what was the interference? Whose vote did they change? What precisely did they do that influenced the election and how? There are a remarkable number of dramatic charges out there with any supporting information totally missing. Were election numbers of votes changed? Voting machines hacked? Is there some evidence of that? Is there some evidence of anything whatsoever?  So the Russians interfered in our election, by doing what? And why is no one asking this?

ADDEDENDUM: Democrats are going bonkers with claims that the Russians “interfered” in the 2016 election. Which strikes me as an attempt to subtly claim that it is clear that Russian efforts helped Trump to win and Hillary to lose. It has previously been stated by govt. officials (I don’t remember who) that there is no evidence that any voting machines were tampered with nor was the vote count tampered with. (This is in spite of voluminous evidence of vote fraud, illegals voting, people voting in more than once residential district, and the usual number of dead people voting).

In a hearing today before the House Judiciary Committee, “Facebook’s Head of Global Policy Management, Monika Bickert, stated that ‘a few thousand’ of approximately two billion Facebook posts analyzed were found to be linked to Russian entities. Company representatives were unable to give a straight answer when asked if other foreign actors had attempted to use their platforms to influence the election.” YouTube executives revealed their only link was $5,000 in advertising sales and 1,000 YouTube videos to Russian entities.

What do you mean by “influence“? Democrats tried to influence the election with everything from a decapitated head, to incredibly foul language, and the usual comparison to Hitler, his minions and the Holocaust in general. They signed up illegal aliens and got them registered and urged them to vote. Russian “interference,” so far, seems to be limited to looking at the computers of the Democratic Campaign Committee, Hillary Clinton, and John Podesta. So if they looked at information not intended for them, what did they do with it? They hacked Republican computers too, but Mueller does not mention that.

The Democrats are dependent on their expertise in manipulating people with language and pictures. (It’s usually called “propaganda”) And they are good at it, although we have had enough examples of “talking points” where multiple Democrats make the same statement in exactly the same words, to know that to be a favorite technique. We’ve had months of screaming “Impeach” and “Russian Collusion” and “Influencing the election,” and with enough of that people are likely to start believing there is something to it. Now, when Trump was about to meet with the Russian president, suddenly numbers of Russians (who will never be brought before a court) are indicted by Mr. Mueller for what seems to be the same old news. Trump has betrayed the country by meeting with, surrendering to, colluding with the Russians and should be impeached, forced out of office, for meeting with Putin and not physically attacking him as any patriotic president should have.

I suspect this is another Democrat propaganda effort. The operative words are “influencing,” “colluding,” “unpatriotic”and “Russian.” There doesn’t seem to be any “there”—there.

A Timely Book For Today: Published in 1841. by The Elephant's Child

There is a book out there, first published in 1841, entitled “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.”It was an early study of crowd psychology by Scottish journalist Charles Mackay. It was published in three volumes: “National Delusions,” “Peculiar Follies,: and “Philosophical Delusions.” Mackay was an accomplished storyteller, though he wrote in a journalistic manner and somewhat sensational style.

It has been in print ever since, and Amazon has at least 13 different bindings and prices.  There’s the Crusades, fortune- telling, the influence of politics on the shapes of beards and hair. Haunted houses, prophecies, and economic bubbles. There’s the Railway Mania of the 1840s the South Sea Bubble, The Mississippi Scheme, The Tullipomania, The Witch Trials, Wikipedia has a good coverage, with some interesting illustrations from the period.

Probably time to check a copy out of the Library or buy your own. I’m afraid that’s where we are. Collusion with Russia clearly merits a listing, and perhaps Bitcoin. They urge each other on, and each excess exceeds the previous excess. And each excess gives permission for the next person to play “Can You Top This?”

They talk Democracy, but you have probably noticed that they are not interested in a two-party system. They are destined to rule, and where this is all going, nobody knows.

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