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Eliminating ICE Seems to Be the New New Thing for The Left by The Elephant's Child

Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said that abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) — and thus all immigration enforcement — should be the “first thing” Democrats do if they win back the House and Senate in the upcoming midterm elections. Well, she said “When we flip the House and When we flip the Senate,” but with the increased radicalization of the Democratic-Socialist party that may not be an inevitability.

Republicans and Democrats just see things differently, at base. Democrats operate on feelings. It makes them feel good about themselves when they are compassionate and caring. It makes them “good people.”

At Front Page Magazine, Michael Cutler agrees:

Pro law-and-order immigration advocates in America whine about the emotional arguments and unhinged publicity stunts used by the open borders/abolish-ICE anarchists to sway public opinion.

But, when they use these emotional arguments, the abolish ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) crowd are merely playing to their own personal strengths: irrationality, magical thinking, and projection. The important issue is that law-and-order advocates, like us, have failed abysmally to use our own emotional arguments in changing minds on the immigration topic.

Indeed, the most persuasive emotional arguments strongly favor secure borders and effective immigration law enforcement.

What greater proof of your compassion could you find, than caring about all those innocent little children ripped from their mother’s arms. Possibly one should be concerned about the Central American migrants who have left their children with ICE and gone back home, 142 this year so far and may reach several hundred. according to a July 23 agency statement to a district court judge in California. They are gaming the federal government’s asylum process to deliver their children to in-laws or relatives living in the US, all mostly also illegal.  In 2016, the AP reported that 80 percent of the “Unaccompanied Alien Child” process were handed over to sponsors who are illegally in the United States. This is creating a quasi-legal chain-migration pathway for foreign youth into the United States.

The agency’s support for the parents’ children is shaped by President Barack Obama’s interpretations of the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act 0f 2008, whose text says it is designed “to combat trafficking in persons.”

The media does not tell you about the fact that most children are brought by human traffickers. Nor do they mention that on any given day there are nearly 438,000 children in foster care in the United States. In 2016, over 687,000 children spent time in U.S. foster care. The average age of entering foster care is 7. Most are in homes, but some 12% are in group homes or institutions. No great compassion from the Left about those kids.

The ICE agency people are the police who detain illegal aliens who have committed crimes. How would Kristin Gillibrand react if all of the police agencies in the county or state where she lives were removed, so that anyone with bad intent was free to do whatever they chose about robbery, rape, brutality, arson and murder? Her home wide open for invasion, her car for theft. That is precisely what eliminating ICE would entail. Not all illegals are kind people who are happy to mow your lawn for a pittance. There are plenty of Americans who have testified to that, and have lost family members to illegals. Democrat activists pay no attention.

A popular sign at demonstrations is “No human is illegal” which is nonsense. Our nation and any nation has borders and the citizens and their government will make the laws that say who can be admitted and who can not. This is not, as some like to claim a matter of race. It’s a matter of how many new immigrants the country can absorb at a time.

Aside from that, polls pretty clearly point out that it is a losing proposition. The American people are not happy with the levels of immigration, legal and illegal. We admit about one million new immigrants a year. That represents a lot of changes and adjustments. Most of the numbers admitted come from chain migration, which is another problem. The wait list for people who have applied to immigrate legally, gone through all the requirements and have to wait for years for openings to come up is very long.

In Bellevue, there are 8 language schools besides what the public schools offer.The Democrats may be committing suicide with their demand for open borders, the elimination of ICE, raising taxes. Their constant assault on the President of the United States is not going over well. Democrats remain so sure that Trump is hated by all, that Russian collusion remains a scandal, and that Democratic Socialism is the new new thing, that they seem to be delusional. We can only hope.

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