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Free Trade Is the Goal, Will it be Achieved? by The Elephant's Child

What an odd day in the news, such as it was. Lots of articles criticizing Trump for his outrageous tariffs and threats, with long moans about how important good trade relations were, how Trump was hurting the farmers, etc, etc. etc.

At the same time, and at the same websites that contained all the whining about trade, came the announcement that Trump and Juncker had agreed to avert a transatlantic trade war, expand European imports of U.S. liquefied natural gas, soybeans, and lower industrial tariffs on both sides and to work towards free trade, with zero tariffs. I suspect that this is exactly what Trump intended in the first place.

Lefties are so infuriated with Trump that they do not recognize that Donald Trump is a very bright man who knows what he is doing. But then they never do. Today they were too busy celebrating the unknown person who attacked Trump’s star on the Hollywood sidewalk with a pick-axe.

The founders did not specify that future presidents should be graduates of impressive schools and have lots of practice at politics by being governors and hold other offices before that. Winning elections is seen as a prime qualification for higher office. And moving in the right circles is a plus. Americans are getting very tired of the political class. Working as a businessman in New York City, dealing with bureaucrats, unions, construction workers. the mob and endless rules and regulations and becoming a billionaire in the process is probably better preparation for the presidency than just being a governor and dealing with a legislature.

There are quite a few governors out there who are making a huge mess of the states they are in charge of.  You have seen lists of badly-run states, they are usually run by Democrats, whose somewhat socialist leanings don’t work well in a capitalist country. Democrats believe firmly in taxing big business whose evil CEO’s make way more money than their workers, and need more rules and regulations to force them to be better citizens and kinder to the environment. The idea that business, freed of punishing taxes, and unnecessary regulation can grow and invent and prosper, is inconceivable. Individuals can act on their hopes and dreams and create new start-ups and expand, and that is how an economy grows. If you regard the people, with exceptions for ‘celebrities,’ as “deplorables” or consider all that fly-over country between the enlightened coasts as useless, you’re not going to get a lot of innovation.

Americans are getting very tired of the political class, who can’t seem to get much of anything done, and do a bad job with the little they do get done. Government mostly moves at a snail’s pace, and custom and regulation, unions and the vast number of people who have to sign off on endless documents slow it further. Devin Nunes’ efforts to find out what the initial application to the FISA Court was that prompted all this messy investigation that has produced nothing at a cost of millions and eating up months and months of time and effort. An effort to impeach Rosenstein has begun, which may shake some information loose. It’s already clear that “there was no there there” in the application to FISA. The Intelligence Committee has been persistent and demanding. Sooner or later, the truth will out.

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