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Bright Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant! Knowing What’s Up Matters. by The Elephant's Child
August 10, 2018, 10:24 pm
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The Democrats are in big trouble. They really believed that they had reached a place of permanent power. Democrats would reign forever. Hillary was a sure thing. They are on a crusade to remake humanity and civilization. They really believed that good intentions would make it so. The details would be worked out later by experts using the infinite credit card backed by taxing the rich.

Their goal is being in charge. They want to be in control. It’s all surface stuff. Identity politics, dividing people up by race, gender, victimhood, sexual preference. Being in power lets them divide people up into victim groups and succor their hurt feelings, to buy votes. Being in power allows them to use the vast power of government to achieve their ends, making themselves rich and important, funding the important problems like Global Warming, and welcoming the downtrodden from all over the world to come to America and vote for Democrats.

They do not understand the free market — that’s why they are Leftists. They loathe free market capitalism, which allows corporate presidents to become filthy rich on the backs of the slave labor of their abused workers.

The big technology companies prospered by giving the people and business the technology to do all sorts of things that they were never able to before. Providing the tools and the connectivity allowed the technology companies to grow and prosper. Other companies invented ways to get people to connect with each other, have conversations, share ideas and opinions, and while the people were doing that Big Tech could take the information about what the people liked, thought about, did with their lives and sell that information to advertisers who could direct their ads to those who were most likely to buy their products or services. That proved successful, so they continue to refine the search for ever more private information about the people who use their websites. Unsurprisingly, the people are getting a little testy.

Facebook was a bum idea from the first. Putting all your information about yourself and your family online for your friends to see, was the supposition, and how nice it would be to share so easily what you had for dinner and about your new garden. They didn’t really inform you that you were sharing your home, your children, their school, when you were going to be away from home or on vacation, not with just your close friends, but with anyone in the world who decided to look at your page for whatever reasons they might have. There are thieves, child abductors, all sorts of bad people with evil intent out there, and you presented them with more information than you wanted made public. If you offer a public platform, it is very, very public.

Along came Russian interference, collusion and all that, and it appeared that Facebook had harbored some nefarious something or other, and there was talk of regulating, public utility, and Facebook’s stock took a serious dive. Cost Mr. Zuckerberg a bundle. Needing to regain popularity, Mr. Zuckerberg thought that people might like to post their bank accounts online, privacy of course, but think of all the new information that Facebook could share. He’s in discussions with major banks.

Twitter was based on a similar dumb idea. People could make short comments in a limited number of characters. Quick, cute comments. You can’t expect that to thrive in a world that’s all about identity politics, where the nation’s youth are being trained not in free market capitalism, but in hate speech, race mongering, and the need for snowflakes to be protected at all times from having their feelings hurt—when they should instead be learning about how the world works, and how to survive with history and truth and knowledge when they go out into a world based on emotion and in a country where most people cannot name the three branches of government.

Silicon Valley seems to be a valley of leftists, who also believe that they shouldn’t have their feelings hurt, and being leftists, the comments from conservatives were inclined to hurt their feelings a whole lot. The new President of the United States likes to tweet. I think it’s refreshing to know just what the president is thinking or what he wants people to believe he’s thinking. However, the outcry was huge. Trump shouldn’t tweet — it’s “not presidential.”

Twitter’s business model seems to be based on celebrities tweeting, because everybody wants to follow celebrities, and bask in the connection. Celebrities believe incorrectly that everyone wants to know what they think, because the press pays attention to what they say, and for a lazy press corps, what the celebrities said becomes the following day’s news. The business model again, is selling information to advertisers.

In today’s world, the hurt feelings matter looms large. So Twitter determined to solve that problem with banning “hate speech” which turns out to be speech that the Left does not agree with. But how do they define “hate speech”? They had a hard time developing algorithms to capture “hate speech.” The Valley enlisted the Southern Poverty Law Center to be their guide. And Wikipedia.  (stop laughing, it’s true).

True believers in the ravages of Global Warming were dismayed by global warming videos that explained the actual science —  that the slight warming of the climate is not out of line with centuries of warming and cooling. You Tube is now “fact checking” global warming videos with Wikipedia as their guide.

As Legal Insurrection noted: “The Internet’s largest outlets for speech are slowly curtailing the kind of speech they allow, and never in a way that’s advantageous or encouraging to facts, discourse, or non-progressive thought.” That sums it up pretty accurately.

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