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A Few Necessary Words About Capitalism by The Elephant's Child

From Roger Kimball:

Here is the bottom line: Capitalism is the greatest engine for the production of wealth the ingenuity of man has ever invented. Are you interested in helping the poor? Embrace capitalism.  Do you want to help clean up the environment? Embrace capitalism. Are you interested in obliterating the scourge of malnutrition or some ghastly African disease, or illiteracy or [fill in your personal do-good desiderations here] yep, embrace capitalism. The global poverty rate, … has been cut in half in the last 20 years. Think about that. Then think about that. Then think about the sorrowful history of our species up to about 1830. How much progress against widespread — really nearly total poverty had been there from the beginning of time until then — until capitalism started to take off? Not much.


The Booming Economy Creates Confidence, And Black Business Ownership Has Jumped by 400 Percent. by The Elephant's Child

Black Small Business ownership under President Trump’s booming economy has jumped by 400 Percent in just one year. President Trump’s approval rating among African Americans has hit 31 percent. The Left, unsurprisingly, is outraged, or possibly anxious. Their constant accusations of “racism” don’t seem to be working. It’s very good news that they are opening businesses, and we certainly wish them all success.

Just a heartening reminder that Capitalism works.

inforgraphic of 2018's small business trends specifically in the African American demographiccWith the Trump administration’s growing, healthy economy, small business is growing and prospering, and among the small business owners are healthy numbers of young, black entrepreneurs. Here’s an explanatory graph from Guidant Financial on the very encouraging phenomenon:

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