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The Associated Press, Donald Trump, and Forgotten Republicans by The Elephant's Child

Abject PropagandaJohn Hinderaker from Powerline takes on, deservedly, the Associated Press, for their ploy of promoting the sour grapes from losing Republicans. The AP calls them “the forgotten Republicans” meaning that they are the ones who don’t like President Trump.

They are not “forgotten”— the AP eagerly seeks them out for comment. Anyone who disapproves of the President of the United States is on their list. Whether they are members of Congress, governors or state party leaders they are “struggling to fit into President Donald Trump’s Republican Party.”

They cautiously acknowledge that the vast majority of Republicans think the president is doing a good job, but…

The overwhelming majority of elected officials, candidates and rank-and-file voters now follow the president with extraordinary loyalty, even if he strays far from the values and traditions many know and love.

AP apparently hasn’t noticed that President Trump is for free trade. He is playing hardball. “He starts bargaining sessions by proposing that participants reduce all tariffs to zero. Since there are never takers, he does the next best thing, he defends American interests and tries to improve our existing trade deals.”

In the meantime, U.S. Steel is going to invest $750 million at their 110-year old steel manufacturing plant known as Gary Works in Gary, Indiana, crediting President Trump’s protective tariffs on steel. Gary Works was once the largest steel mill in the world. It now employs about 3,800 American workers. The upgrade will improve the facility’s environmental performance, bolster competitiveness,  and benefit the local community.

The 25 percent tariff on imported steel is designed to protect American workers and do just what U.S. Steel is doing. Since 2001 free trade with China has cost millions of lost American jobs. About 2.6 million jobs were lost due to the U.S. trade deficit with China. Already Trump’s tariffs have created 11,100 American jobs in just 6 months.

It’s all very confusing. What to report? The president is trying to live up to his campaign promises, and the press just can’t seem to grasp the positive effects on the American economy. They are so determined to see the administration as beyond the possibility of doing anything right that they cannot see what is directly before their noses. The press and the attention they pay to anyone who has something nasty to say about Trump, his family, his administration overpowers some remarkable accomplishment. What a pity they’re so partisan.

Accountability Journalism by The Elephant's Child

According to past statements (2008) the Associated Press endorses “Accountability Journalism, ”

“Op-eds are old news and neutrality and equal treatment to all sides of an issue aren’t what journalism should be about, AP believes. Will the opinion editorial category disappear under the new rules.”begins an article about journalistic ethics as bureau chief Ron Fournier believes. The conventional press model, he says, where both sides of an argument are entitled to equal weight , is exactly what journalists need to avoid.”

“Fournier believes those old journalistic ethics are what stops reporters from telling the truth as they see it.”

Before Fournier took over the job as bureau chief, he himself wrote pieces which are being referred to as a “model” of the new brand of journalism he is encouraging from the AP writers.

One piece was titled, “Obama is bordering on arrogance”, and was written as straight news, not opinion, despite the opinion that is explicit in the headline itself.

Ooooh! “bordering on arrogance?” When was Obama not arrogant? It was one of his most characteristic poses. Fournier sounds remarkably like Bob Dorsey of  Twitter, or Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, pompously insisting that they ban people only for real reasons, not ever anything political, as they refer to the Southern Poverty Law Center (a wildly radical leftist group) to help them “fact check”.

James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal was one of the most frequent critics of this new brand of “accountability journalism” who said “The problem is that while you can do opinion journalism and incorporate reporting into it,you can’t say you’re doing straight reporting and then add opinion to that.

Here’s the article from John Hinderaker at Powerline, and a description of the new “accountability journalism” of the AP in “reporting “on the attacks by the AP that they apparently do not understand as attacks, nor even as partisan.This kind of thing is why the president tweets about “fake news” and a dishonest press. They don’t see themselves as partisan, just right — correct thinking. Of course Trump is dishonest, racist, arrogant and authoritarian, and as we accept that basis, we’ll try to tell the truth as we see it.

Here’s the Society of Professional Journalists’ formal Code of Ethics which makes interesting reading. Because they consider themselves the honest elite, with a real code of ethics, and they consider Trump and all his minions as deplorables beneath consideration, any attempt to be non-partisan must seem like a surrender to the evil other side, and therefore perfectly legitimate. They are true believers,and their side is right and proper, and the other guys –us– are beyond the pale.

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