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Overprotective Parenting Turns Kids into College Snowflakes by The Elephant's Child

Here’s a completely fascinating conversation about how over-protective parenting has led to the snowflake generation on America’s college campuses. Reason TV leads a conversation between Greg Lukianoff of FIRE (The organization promoting free speech on America’s campuses) and Jonathan Haidt, who is a psychology professor at New York University and is a co-founder of Grow, the free-range parenting advocacy organization, and Heterodox Academy, which promotes intellectual diversity among faculty. Reason is a leading source of news, politics and culture from a Libertarian prospective. Lukianoff is a lawyer by training and FIRE works, and sues, to fight for free speech on campus.

In 2015, Lukianoff and Haidt published “The Coddling of the America Mind” in The Atlantic magazine. It argued that speech codes, trigger warnings and safe spaces on college campuses are disastrous for education – and mental health. It became the most-read article in the history of the magazine. They have now expanded the article into a new book with the same title. Reason’s Nick Gillespie sat down with them to talk about why they believe that “good intentions and bad ideas” about the supposed fragility of young people is “setting up a generation for failure.”

It’s a remarkably enjoyable conversation, but long, nearly an hour, so if you can make time for it, you will be well rewarded. Good for those who have mindless tasks like knitting or polishing shoes.

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