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A Warning from Heather MacDonald by The Elephant's Child

macdonald-630x400Heather MacDonald, fearless scholar at the Manhattan Institute,  always does her homework and then some. She has a new book out, The Diversity Delusion, which argues that identity politics has taken over our universities and corrupted them thoroughly.

In a Fox News interview this week, she highlighted recent social justice campus trends.

“From a moment that a student steps on campus, a vast diversity bureaucracy tries to indoctrinate him with the idea that to read Shakespeare or Kant or Plato is to be the victim of life-threatening racism, to hate the monuments of western civilization, and to hate their alleged oppressors.” In December 2016, Breitbart News reported on students at the University of Pennsylvania who rallied to have a large portrait of William Shakespeare removed from the English department because he is a “white male.”

They are being taught to see sexism where none exists. As a female, you are taught to feel like you are the victim of rape culture, as a minority you’re taught to feel like you are the victim of ubiquitous systematic racism.

She argued that the harmful social justice politics of the universities are beginning to make their way out into the real world.

If a politician is denounced as a white supremacist for saying that we can’t ‘monkey around’ with our economic success and that is viewed as a legitimate accusation. When people are fired for challenging the feminist ideology as happened at Google, the identity politics that is poisoning the campus is spreading the world at large.

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Need to buy her book. Mark Styen had her on the radio yesterday

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Comment by Douglas (@SeattleSports64)

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