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Three Failed Governors Getting Together To Make Matters Worse! by The Elephant's Child


LifeZette’s headline: “Privately Funded Government Jobs Advance Left’s Climate Agenda.” The invaluable Chris Horner at CEI details how three governors (Jerry Brown,  Andrew Cuomo, and Jay Inslee) who have managed to make a mess of the states they have been running, are using activist donor money to bypass their legislatures. The CEI report details a budget of $10 million in donor money for 2018 and $25 million in 2019.

Another new report exposes Global Warming “Law Enforcement for Rent”. Donors are paying for lawyers to pursue environmental cases by state Attorney Generals. This is another brief summary of Chris Horner’s work. If you find this somewhat alarming, you may want to review Chris Horner’s actual work, which is very long but readily available at

The environmental movement has long had advisors in the governors offices offering help with good programs to introduce, conference calls with other governors who are doing the same “good work”, good publicity, that sort of thing. This seems to be something different and more alarming.

The globe has been warming and cooling for millions of years, and has actually cooled a bit recently. Hurricanes are not caused by global warming. The amount of CO² in the atmosphere is helping plants to grow, including our forests, because CO² is a natural fertilizer. Helps food crops as well, which is relieving hunger across the world. Alarmist global warming exists only in the computer programs devised by climate scientists who want government grants and new equipment and assume that they can create in a computer a program that prophecies the future climate of the world. They can’t. If you want the real climate, consult Dr. Roy Spencer, who runs the satellites that actually measure the temperatures of the world, with Dr. John Christy at University of Alabama at Huntsville.

Christiana Figueres, who was general secretary of the UN’s Framework Convention of Climate Change spilled the beans in February of 2015, when she earnestly explained that the goal of environmental activists was not to save the world from ecological calamity—but to destroy Capitalism.

Fairly recently, we were told that although there was no Russian collusion in the presidential campaign, the Russians were investing a lot to support environmental cases against fracking and natural gas in the U.S. in particular. Russia is very dependent on the money they get from selling their natural gas to Europe, and they don’t want any competition, either from fracking, or from U.S. sales of natural gas so if they can encourage environmentalists who want to file lawsuits, they’re there to help.

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