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Christine Blasey Ford’s Interview Explained by The Elephant's Child

A body language expert considers Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony. I noticed some of these oddities. I know nothing about the body language expert. This is a woman who teaches at the graduate level in a university and at the Stanford University medical school — and she sounds like a little girl. She reads her testimony, very prepared. I would assume that  someone in this position would like to sound strong and confident. This is a whiny little girl, so afraid. Is that the chosen mode of testimony. This is carefully written, all feelings, all practiced.

She says her friend Leland drove her home, yet Leland states under oath, that she has never met Brett Kavanaugh, has no information about such a party. Two front doors? Really?  What is that supposed to do? Is this hairdo new?

Rachel Mitchell is an experienced and expert sex crimes prosecutor from Maricopa County,  Arizona. The Committee wanted someone experienced, and she came highly recommended. She is certainly good at drawing the person she is questioning out, in a kindly manner. I was impressed with the body language expert, probably because she confirmed what I had been thinking.

Does this change your mind? Or reinforce what you had been thinking anyway? Ford said previously that she didn’t really know who the men were, she couldn’t remember anything about it except that she was very frightened, and that she was groped.  A strange episode to produce women activists screaming about believing”the survivor”, and attacking poor Jeff Flake and frightening him. Seems like the Democrats have overplayed this whole thing, doesn’t it?

There is no crime here, just slurs and insinuations about a man’s character and history, that is hugely damaging to Judge Kavanaugh and his family, that serves only the Democrats wish to destroy the Supreme Court and the Constitution that they neither respect nor understand in their greed and drive for control of our society. Charles Schumer said he would do anything and everything to keep Judge Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court. This to probably the most qualified jurist who has ever been nominated.

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If Blasey Ford was playing poker, she would have been cleaned out. As you noticed, she became “cute” when questioned by friendly questioners, and defensive when challenged. It was very obviously rehearsed (she teaches psychology, after all, and knows the cues she’s “supposed” to present). If the first time you heard this story was this testimony, it wouldn’t have helped. It was still disjointed, still contradictory.

As I’ve said to others, it’s not that I think she’s lying so much as I just don’t believe her.

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Comment by Lon Mead

I like that. “It’s not that I think she’s lying so much as I just don’t believe her..” Sums it up exactly.

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Comment by The Elephant's Child

Reading this well-written Blog takes me in the direction of basic common sense! Something is just not right! Should not a person achieving a professorship…achieving a Doctor’s degree…be somewhat articulate in basic communication? How about “the before” focus…remembering the Dem’s focus, less than 24 hours after Trump announced the Judge K pick? How about the 10 member exchange of “thumbs up” after Ford’s verbiage? How about the TX Congresswomen’s sheepishly handing Ford’s Lawyer a “You Are Invited To A Party” envelope, immediately following the strike of Sen. Grassley’s gavel? Not a word uttered, as he slipped it into the inside suit coat pocket! Miss TX, held another envelope…where did that envelope go…as she searched for a direction of escape from view? Want an extended and reinforced a view of Body Language…I’m also thinking maybe something truly lies outside the box?!!!


Comment by pointsofponderance&discussion's

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