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Was It Kathy Griffin Who Started All this Insanity? by The Elephant's Child


How did we get here? How did we get into this dreadful state, when a great number of our people are wondering if we are on the verge of a civil war? President Trump nominated one of the most revered jurists of the Court of Appeals  because of his careful arguments, which were often used by the Supreme Court for cases that went on to the higher court.  As we all know, Charles Schumer immediately announced that he would oppose Judge Brett Kavanaugh “with everything I’ve got.” This was before the hearings even started.

The election in 2016 ended with the victory of Donald J. Trump, and he was sworn-in in January of 2017. The Left refused to credit the election because they don’t like Trump. Freely and legally elected, and the opposing party refused to acknowledge the Constitution, our country, our history by essentially throwing a two-year-old’s tantrum. The Women’s March was the day after Trump’s Inauguration, on January 21.  Then there was the March for Science and the People’s Climate March, with a bunch of little ones thrown in (apparently the mall is full of marchers a good part of the time—(which pretty much demonstrates how effective marches are).

Then on May 30, 2017, one Kathy Griffin, “comedienne” decided to be photographed holding a mock bloody severed head of the President of the United States. She assumed she was being funny in a very cool way. Poor thing really didn’t understand that she did anything wrong, and blamed the President for any backlash.

Almost everyone seems to agree that the Democrats are enraged mostly about their disastrous loss of power, rather than any particular problems. (Just look up the county results map from the 2016 election).

Kathy Griffin went too far. She demonstrated that there were no limits. In the service of protesting, demonstrating that there were no holds barred, you could do anything to protest this president, the more disgusting, violent, vulgar, or rude, the better. 

We face nothing less than the ultimate text of democracy, a sterner test than war itself. The survival of the nation may be a necessary condition of individual freedom, but it is certainly not a sufficient  condition. If “democracy” means rule by those who know best how to please the uninformed and thoughtless, which is the condition asserted, and presumably accepted by those who excuse politicians as “realistic,” then we cannot be free. We must suffer the tyranny not only of our own appetites and notions, but of the appetites and notions of any slim majority of everyone else. If we tolerate the existence of such multitudes, we cannot be free. And if we permit the politicians and the educationists to define the nature and purpose of education according to their appetites and notions, to say nothing of their track records, then we will ensure the existence of such multitudes. And we will never be free.

Democracy is not a form of government that provides freedom. That it is, is the sort of illusion easily (and conveniently) induced in the multitudes who are given pep rallies in “citizenship” rather  than the disciplined study of history and politics. But democracy may be that form of government that most liberally permits freedom.
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,From Richard Mitchell: “The Leaning Tower of Babel”

China’s Future and Current Megaprojects by The Elephant's Child

China has more than 400 companies making inexpensive tiny electric cars called LSEVs for Low Speed Electric Vehicles. The price starts at about $1,000. U.S.
Not exactly for long road trips, I guess, but interesting for around town.

I ran into this while looking at the tiny electric cars. China seems to be going all out to modernize and make the most of technology in every way. I’m not sure what the time span for all this to be built is. When we start talking about a big “Infrastructure” project here at home, it becomes a very big deal, and
everything seems to cost too much.

How are the Chinese managing to pay for all of this? We know they do a lot of stealing technology and plans, but they clearly have fine architects and builders and technology people.

This was originally published on February 9, 2016, so it’s nearly three years old, but fascinating.  China is a very centrally controlled country. People are tracked wherever they go, and earn points (or lose them depending on their actions), if you lose too many cooperative good points, you can’t travel or enjoy many ordinary privileges.

Do click on the link just above. When people start talking about “control” we need to understand fully what is meant by the word and the urge. I find it extremely scary.

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