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“Believe Women?” Why? by The Elephant's Child

In the wake of all the Leftist hysteria out there, the most intellectually wanting is the cry “believe women.” Sorry, I have been a woman my entire life, which is probably longer than yours. This is silly, and insulting. Women are ordinary human beings and have all the flaws and foibles that come with being human. There’s a lot of variety. Women lie, some profusely. Women can be brilliant and completely stupid. Highly educated and uneducated, beautiful and not so much.

Women have led nations as presidents and queens, been famous and obscure. Been sluts and sex-workers and robbers and murderers. There are things women do better than men, just because they are the female of the species, and the opposite is true of men. If some women felt uplifted because of the “women’s march,” other women were deeply embarrassed by it.

Thinking is done in language, and understanding, a result of thinking, is expressed in language, but, when we simply adapt and recite what has been expressed, we have committed neither thinking nor understanding.
………….Richard Mitchell: The Graves of Academe


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*chuckles* Had no idea, although if you don’t mention birth issues I usually don’t.

I’ve had a very limited number of assault accusations in my life, as either witness or from the horses’ mouth.

The vast majority were openly false. (#1 being the psychotic daughter of a B who was fishing for a discharge from the navy and eventually got pregnant to get out,claiming no support; she showed up at my work screaming about…heaven knows what, neither I nor anybody in my shop, from chief to E-2, could figure it out)

A few were questionable.

Several were violent “attempted”– and if you remove the ones where it MAY have “just” been robbery, that’s zero.

And a few were violent interrupted, definitely sexual.


We’re now decades into all sex is awesome unless you’re raped, so any sex that isn’t awesome is rape.

If any woman DARES to feel used when she is…well, used, even with her permission….


Poor idiots.


Comment by Foxfier

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