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It Wasn’t About Kavanaugh, They Want to Get Rid of The Constitution by The Elephant's Child

I have long been addicted to collecting quotations, or rather – things that someone said exceptionally well, and bear repeating because they are so well said. This is one of them:

Masterpieces created by a committee are notably few in number, but the United States Constitution is certainly one of them. Amended only twenty-seven times in 215 years, it came into being just as the world was about to undergo the most profound – and continuing – period of economic change the human race has known. The locus of power in the American economy has shifted from sector to sector as that economy has developed. Whole sections of the country have risen and fallen in economic importance. New methods of doing business and economic institutions undreamed of by the Founding Fathers have come into existence in that time – while others have vanished. Fortunes beyond the imagination of anyone living in the pre-industrial world have been built and been destroyed. And yet the Constitution endures and the country continues to flourish under it.

From An Empire of Wealth by John Steele Gordon

For the first time since the 2008 recession, the U.S. once again sits atop the rankings of the World Economic Forum’s most “Ideal” economies. What the organization refers to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is well underway, and the WEF has developed some innovative criteria to rank the economies of nations.

Under the new framework for competitiveness, released Tuesday, the U.S. achieved the closest to the “competitiveness frontier,” or “ideal state,” with a score of 85.6.

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